Children’s room with storage from Elfa under sloping ceiling and on the door. Jenny and Vera sit in front of a desk with storage from Elfa.

Children’s room with creative corner under the sloping ceiling

Welcome to Vera’s new room, where creativity and function combine to create practical and tidy storage.

Jenny and Vera sit at a pulled out mesh drawer from Elfa with craft items.

This is where we live

Jenny Ekstrand is a family therapist. Her husband Andreas works in real estate. They have a daughter Vera and son Frank. The family lives in a 127 sq.m. house in Kungsbacka.

Children’s room with shelves and desk from Elfa under sloping ceiling.
Vera’s room as it looked before.

Storage for the craft lover

Vera is an 11-year-old girl who loves crafting. Perhaps not surprisingly, as she has been crafting with mum Jenny since childhood, who runs the successful hobby account Arkiv Kreativ. Now it was time for Vera to have her very own corner, where creativity and imagination were given space.

There were challenges with sloping ceilings, doors and a chimney in the room. But with Elfa’s smart and flexible storage system, the room was transformed into a very well-organised room with space for all of Vera’s crafting items – and of course much more.

Drawing from Elfa's planning tool of shelves, desks and door storage.

Draft from Elfa's planning tool. The shelf is built with Elfa's Sparring system. There is storage from Classic by Elfa on the door.

Flexible desk space with shelves

What are Vera’s needs, wishes and interests?

Vera needed desk space to do her homework, paint and crafting. Even though we have the craft room in the basement, a lot of crafting is also being done in Vera’s room. She paints, makes slime, crochets and so on," says mum Jenny.

"She also needed shelves for books and decorative items. With flexible storage, we were able to make maximum use of the space despite the sloping ceiling. We chose Elfa because it is adaptable and functional," Jenny continues.

Extended mesh back from Elfa filled with craft items.

Storing board from Elfa with hanging jewellery.

Door in the children’s room with door storage from Elfa filled with accessories and a soft toy.

Jenny hangs a necklace on the door storage from Elfa while Vera looks on.

"We chose Elfa because it is adaptable and functional"​

The children’s room got a makeover

Shelf from Elfa with decorative items.
"In Vera’s room, we have used three colours as a common thread in the interior design. We started by painting a fantasy landscape as a mural. We then painted various interior details in the same three colours. It was everything from flower pots, magazine holders and a drawer for flea market trinkets and the wardrobe door handles."
Vera lies in her bed under a canopy in changing colours.
A canopy in a matching colour was bought and hung over a pillow corner. It became a cosy place to read books. We put up a string of lights above the bed, which we covered with fabric. 
Door in the children’s room with on-door-storage from Elfa filled with pictures, hats and shoes.
The doors were also used as storage space. The mesh baskets could hold everything from pictures and earmuffs to shoes.
Jenny and Vera fill a pulled out Elfa mesh drawer with craft items.

"We used the space to its maximum despite the sloping ceiling"​

Children’s room with shelves, desk and door storage from Elfa under sloping ceiling.

Jenny and Vera’s top tips for the children’s room

  • First, we started by clearing out things that were no longer used.
  • We decided to have items that Vera often uses on the storing board by her desk. This makes it easy to put the pens back where they should be.
  • In the pull-out drawers, we worked with dividers, but also with smaller boxes for everything small. It was clear and good.
  • On the shelves there are books, decorative items and magazine holders with homework papers.
  • We store accessories such as jewellery, bags, sunglasses, hair bands and caps on the doors. Vera herself found out that her rings fit perfectly in the slots in the storing board.
  • The wrapping paper holder can be used for Vera’s larger drawings, which can be stored rolled up.
  • A plus is that the storage is so flexible, it’s easy to change everything as Vera’s needs change.

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