Elfa’s system reminds me a bit of Lego

Better overview, optimal organisation, sustainable fashion and a beautiful sliding door. Frida and Kalle now have the wardrobe of their dreams!

By Charlotta Flinkenberg  Photos Fredrik Bjelkerud


This is where we live!

Frida, age 31, marketing specialist and Kalle, age 32, nurse. They live in an 83 sq.m. flat (3 rooms and a kitchen) next to the sea in Malmö.

The wardrobe before and after

Frida’s and Kalle’s bedroom already had a wardrobe with interior fittings and sliding doors.

“There were drawers all the way up and you needed to stand on a stool to reach the top ones to see what was in them,” Frida explains. 

Her partner Kalle adds,
“The Elfa system that we’ve installed has more depth than the old drawers and shelves and therefore offers much more storage space”.

One side of the wardrobe each

“As a nurse I wear scrubs at work every day, so obviously Frida has a larger share of the wardrobe!” Kalle says with a laugh. Still the basic idea was to create a wardrobe system that gives each of them their own side. For example, each have a hook for “today’s outfit” and dressing gown. “We also each have a small mesh drawer for belts and accessories, like jewellery and ties,” Frida says.


What did you think about the actual assembly process?

“Elfa’s system reminds me a bit of Lego. Each piece is rather like a Lego brick. As long as you have the baseplate, everything else slots into place. I’ve found that the components fix easily into place and work properly. The hooks and accessories are exactly the right size. It’s all a seamless fit. The whole system has a very robust feel to it,” says Kalle.

“A big advantage is that only the top track needs securing to the wall. You don’t have to make lots of other holes in the wall. And if you move house, you can dismantle the system and take it with you,” Frida adds.

Dividers are fitted to the wire shelves and mesh drawers.

“The dividers are one of the best features! Perfect for keeping underwear and sweaters organised in the drawers,” says Frida.

Practical and decorative hooks can be attached to the shelving system for hanging up items of jewellery, scarves and bags.

There is a trouser hanger on Kalle’s side of the wardrobe, which Frida makes use of too.

Knowing what’s in the wardrobe has resulted in a more adventurous style

Kalle tells us that he has become more daring in his choice of clothes now that his wardrobe is so well organised. “I used to just pick sweaters off the top of the pile in the drawer. Now I’m not afraid to challenge myself and try various combinations and clothes that I’ve hardly worn before.”

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