Indeed, a sustainable future for all, is no light matter. It is our biggest concern and will most certainly continue to be so. And Elfa's ambitions are high. We have taken it up on ourselves to have a positive impact on people, society and planet. These are not just empty words. We take action, and this is how.

People positive

We are constantly pressing for fair, healthy, and safe workplaces for Elfa’s employees, as well as for employees at suppliers and partners. We do it, for instance by:

- Striving to maintain highest standards of health and safety of employees

- Embracing diversity and equality

- Zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of offensive treatment, harassment and discrimination

- Ensuring compliance with Elfa’s Code of Conduct

Society positive

We take great pride in being an accountable societal actor, contributing to fair trade, supporting human rights and encouraging sustainable consumption. We do it, for instance by:

- Conducting our business in line with the UN Global Compact

- Raising awareness and motivating people to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle

- Making donations to UNICEF and Ronald MacDonald Houses

- Protecting and promoting fair competition and fair dealing

Planet positive

Elfa is strongly committed to take action for the environment and climate. For this, we are

- Aligning with the Paris Agreement. We are specifically conducting lifecycle analysis and calculating our carbon footprint. By this we are able to reduce the climate impact at all stages in our products' lifecycle

- Enabling circularity by developing products durable to last a lifetime, easy to modify, reuse and recycle

- Having an environmental management system in place at our manufacturing sites

Elfa and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the global community is addressing the most pressing challenges of our time. As proof of Elfa’s commitment to shoulder our share of the global responsibility, Elfa is a signatory to the UN Global Compact. Accordingly, the ten principles of the UN Global Compact are integrated into our business strategy, policies, and procedures. 

Signing the UN Global Compact also carries a promise to actively drive awareness and action in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And this we do every day, with a particular focus on the three goals that we can impact more: Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), Responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) and Peace justice and strong institutions (SDG16).