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‘It’s like walking into an upmarket boutique’

The walk-in closet is a haven of organisation and convenience. This carefully crafted space ensures you’ll find a place for everything, from accessories and shoes to elegant dresses and casual wear. With its functional layout, this system brings order and elegance to one’s daily routine while remaining easy to install, pleasing on the eye, and affordable.

By Vera Keohane

Who Lives here

Vera Keohane is Ireland’s very first KonMarie consultant and is an established professional organiser based in County Cork. Vera is passionate about feeling comfortable and finding joy in one’s own home, and her business is aptly named ‘Enjoy Your Home’. As a nurse and midwife with over 30 years of experience in the field, she treats her clients with the same kind, sensitive and non-judgmental approach.

‘Whatever the storage problem …. the Elfa system has the solution’

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Recently, Vera and her husband decided to upgrade their walk-in wardrobe space and enlisted the simple click-in Elfa system, supplied by a local retailer, to build their dream wardrobe. 

Vera and her husband’s wide range of storage needs were well met by the modular and adjustable system, which is made-to-measure to optimise all available space. The result was crafted based on Vera’s personalised requests and a walk-in-wardrobe was produced which reflects her passion for organisation.

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Vera and her husband’s walk-in-closet was crafted based on their own storage needs and through optimisation of their available space. 

Her initial request was for no internal doors in closet, this increased the available space and created an inviting and expansive closet with a plethora of storage options.  

Vera was also looking for both short-hanging and long-hanging space, this allows for multifunctional storage of both casual and everyday wear, as well as elegant dresses and suits.

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Vera also maximised her space using high shelves at the top of the closet and labelled boxes which she purchased from the retailer. This is perfect for anything which isn’t regularly used, such as seasonal garments, and prevents it from mixing with more everyday items.

Finally, Vera was also interested in a hair and makeup station, and a place to store accessories and jewelry.

My experience working with Elfa and my local store has been first class from start to finish

A Personalised Haven

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Vera began by contacting a local retailer in Ireland, and with the help of an in-house technician, a plan was drawn up which highlighted all of Vera’s storage requests. The system is made-to-measure, and the configurations are endless, this meant that Vera was able to create the closet of her dreams, tailored to her specific requirements.

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Vera and her husband enjoyed seeing their dream walk-in-closet come to life. Once installed, the fun really started, and Vera was able to put her skills to work and create a beautifully organised closet which reflects her love of organisation.

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What do you like most about the Elfa System?

“My favorite aspect of the Elfa System is how easily reconfigured it is. As my needs change, I can rearrange the separate components of the existing wardrobe into a completely new structure.”

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As Vera and her husband were both using the closet, they made use of the walk-in-wardrobes spacious design to designate personal sections for both of them. Vera was also able to set up her hair and makeup section within reach of a mirror. This opulent set-up allows her to embrace the efficiency and allure of organisation and saves her time in the morning.

The instructions were easy to follow and the components easy to assemble’

Unparalleled organisation

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Sophisticated Simplicity

Vera also loves the Elfa aesthetic and describes it as ‘pleasing on the eye’. She opted for the white drawer fronts with leather tab handles, which add another touch of sophistication to her wardrobe. She believes that while the system not only looks great, it also functions well and everything is organised so that it can be seen at a mere glance and is easily accessible.

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Metal shelves for shoe storage

Vera requested shoe shelves underneath the hanging space. These are metal and easy wipeable, providing excellent durability and making it simple to remove any stains that occur.

The metal construction means that they can support the weight of dozens of pairs of shoes and prevents any bending or damaging over time. They also provide a sleek look to her walk-in-closet and match well with the rest of the system, maintaining a cohesive look.

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Keep order with drawer dividers

With the drawer dividers she requested, Vera was able to keep similar items easily at hand and prevent any potential messes.

Vera describes the drawers as one of the features which are most beneficial to her, as their depth allowed her to store clunkier items, such as wool and jeans, with ease.

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Tailored Accessory Trays

The couple were also able to tailor compartments of the drawers specifically for their storage requirements, such as his and hers accessory trays, providing them with unparalleled organisation.

‘The best set up I've ever had’

Overall, Vera was extremely pleased with both the Elfa system, and the assistance provided to her from the retailer. Described by her husband as ‘the best set up he’s ever had, Vera is already considering using the Elfa system elsewhere in her house and recommends it wholeheartedly to anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe.

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