At home with Angelica

A walk-in-closet that grows with the kids

We take a look at the photographer Angelica, who runs the blog and who, together with her partner and three daughters, is in the midst of renovating their 70's house in Motala, Sweden. She decided to skip wardrobes in the oldest daughters' bedrooms, to keep as much floor space as possible in their room. Instead, she choosed to create a dream closet for them, in the small storage space close to their rooms. The interiors of Elfa will be able to grow in line with the girls and will be adapted as their storage needs change.

Flexible interior

The parents' wishes were a flexible interior, which utilizes the room's surface in the best possible way, despite slooping ceilings, shallow walls and centrally located supply air valve. The fact that the side walls were only 32 cm deep was no obstacle - the girls were given shelves on either side of the door, with closet rods where the hangers are hung "across". At present, only the two lower shelves are used for girls' clothes. On the other shelves, the family has room for seasonal storage and clothing waiting to fit the family's youngest. The shelves are equipped with dividers, which makes it easy for the clothes piles to be kept in place and for the girls to find the right one.

Neat and tidy

The girls took part in designing the closet themselves, which means they are now very keen on keeping order in their closet. A favourite item, which was at the top of their wish list, was the gliding accessory tray with small compartments, which hold all the rubber bands, clamps and other accessories in place.

What a dream

A top track was mounted under the sloping ceiling, and hang standards, shelves and drawers was placed without blocking the valve.With wodden joice at the top and bottom of the wall, the necessary distance for the valve was created. In order to more easily maintain order among small garments such as underwear, socks and pajamas, dividers were placed in all trays, which divide the drawers into sections. Angelica herself was surprised how much more clothes fit in the closet after the renovation and how much more fun it is to fold, put in and sort among the clothes. 

Now she dreams of tearing down the standard wardrobes in the master bedroom and replacing them with a made-to-measure Elfa closet with sliding doors.

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