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Made to measure sliding doors for your wardrobe

Measure up your wardrobe or storage space width and height, and we will make sliding doors to match your style and space perfectly.
As you want them – with or without frames. All our sliding doors are made to fit your home.

Conceal with styleelfa-scenic-01

Even when your things are neat and tidy, it can be nice to conceal them. Elfa's wide range of sliding doors means there are solutions for every room and taste. Our doors are made-to-measure so that you can use the full space behind them for practical storage.

Create rooms with Elfa's sliding doors

You can now create new rooms in the home using doors as room dividers, transforming a wardrobe into a colourful background wall and utilising the last millimetre of a room with a sloping ceiling. Functions that make life easier combined with new, inspirational colours and classic design create a cohesive look.

Create a new room in a room

A simple way of transforming a room into two or dividing large areas of the house is to use sliding doors identical on both sides as room dividers. If you've got high ceilings, hang the door on the wall instead of the ceiling. You can create exciting new rooms in the home with little effort.

Colourful or discreet storage

Clear glass shaded in cerise, yellow or orange brings colour to a room. And if you prefer fresh, light or natural materials, our doors come in several wood types, discreet glass surfaces, films and mirrored surfaces. You can also combine different colours and materials to make your own personal mark on your wardrobe, or use a simple, stylish single colour.
Elfa-snedtakA room with a sloping ceiling can be tricky to use effectively. By choosing Artic in a slope-cut model, you can make maximum use of storage space from floor to ceiling. 
A wardrobe should not only look aesthetically attractive, but also offer practical and functional benefits. Integrated LED lighting, soft-close and measurements that are wider and higher than before are examples of clever optional extras that you can choose.
Read more on how to measure up and plan your space.