Made to measure sliding doors for your closet 

Design your own sliding doors as you want them and in your own taste. There is a wide range of sliding doors models, colours and material to match your style and space perfectly. Just measure your closet or storage space width and height, and we will make them made-to-measure after those exact measurements. This way you can use the full space behind them for practical storage. Or why not make a room in the room by using the sliding doors as trendy room dividers?

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New sliding door - Grace

New sliding door

Grace, for a Scandinavian look

If you are searching for sliding doors to match a contemporary or traditional Scandinavian look and feel in your home, Grace is the answer. It’s a classic white sliding door with a robust wooden feeling and a simple timeless design.

Grace comes with the choice of white or mirror filling and in Plain or Quattro (four field) design. Either way, you will achieve a long lasting classic look for your home.

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Sliding doors that blend in or stand out

Even when your things are neat and tidy, it can be nice to conceal them. Elfa’s wide range of sliding doors means there are solutions for every taste. Clear glass shaded in your favourite colour can be a vibrant and invigorating choice. If you prefer fresh, light or natural materials, there are doors in several wood types, both light and dark ones. Or why not try mirror glass on your doors? You can also combine different colours and materials to make your own personal mark on your wardrobe.

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Elfa sliding doors colour trends

Sliding doors to match the current colour trends

Does Soothing sage green, Snowcloud blue or Cashmere beige sound appealing to you? If you want to match your sliding doors to the current trends in interior, you will find that there are plenty of options to suit any taste. Once a year we pick colour and material combinations that will help you pick up the latest trends in interior and fashion.

Elfa sliding door estetic

Create a new room in a room with sliding doors as room dividers

A simple way of transforming a room into two or dividing large areas of the house is to use sliding doors identical on both sides, as room dividers. You can create exciting new rooms in the home with little effort.

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Sliding doors with unique patterns by designer Hanna Werning

Achieve a Scandinavian look

If you want to achieve a Scandinavian look and atmosphere in your home, the sliding door model Linear is a natural choice. Linear doors comes in white or grey and are characterised by its clean lines with bold patterns with clear roots in the Scandinavian aesthetics that characterise the entire Elfa range. The sliding doors’ unique and stylish designs were developed in collaboration with the renowned Swedish designer Hanna Werning, one of Sweden’s most recognized and celebrated pattern designers.

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You get more floor and storage space with sliding doors

In contrast to standard closet doors, sliding doors don’t need any opening room, which means you can use the floor right up to the wardrobe. You can use that space for a bedside table, plant or reading chair where the door of a traditional wardrobe would open. Sliding doors mean you can utilise an entire wall for storage. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall. You can make space for all your favourite clothes and shoes and even avoid having to dust that space above the wardrobe (where odd bags, boxes and cartons often end up, giving a messy impression). Sliding doors are even more useful when you’re short of space and there’s no room for doors that open into the room, e.g. in narrow halls or small bedrooms.

Elfa sliding doors inclined ceilings

Sliding doors solves storage in rooms with inclined ceilings

Sloping ceilings are common in our homes, and can be a problem when furnishing. Elfa’s flexible storage solutions fit into any space and can be adapted for most surfaces, even in a room with a sloping ceiling. And sliding doors can help both with creating the sense of a straight wall and with increasing a special look of the room.

Elfa sliding doors with glass

Sliding doors with mirrors enlarges the room

A room immediately feels larger, lighter and more spacious if you choose sliding doors with mirror glass. A great way of transforming, for example, a dark, narrow hallway or a tiny bedroom.

Elfa sliding doors LED-light

LED light set a cosy atmosphere

You can add the option of LED light to your sliding doors, to create a soft and cosy atmosphere in the room. As a bonus the light will help you find the clothes in your closet in the evening.

Elfa planning tool

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