Elfa Stories

We have gathered various home improvement projects of people who have used Elfa's products to create unique storage solutions in their homes 

Elfa’s system reminds me a bit of Lego

Better overview, optimal organisation, sustainable fashion and attractive sliding door. Frida and Kalle now have the wardrobe of their dreams, tailored around their storage needs!

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Walk-in wardrobe in the attic

Johanna maximised the potential of the attic space with floor-to-ceiling storage. With help from Elfa’s storage expert, a dream was turned into reality.

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‘It’s like walking into an upmarket boutique’

Vera's walk-in closet gets a makeover with the Elfa system: modular, personalized, and optimized for space, reflecting her passion for organization.

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Sustainable and attractive storage in a small space

The family wanted to step up their sustainability awareness. The solution was to maximise all the available storage space in the flat.

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Sustainable and functional minimalism

The fashion influencer, Emma Elwin, had less space for her clothes when she downsized. See how she stores her clothes and accessories.

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‘We solved an “impossible” storage challenge!’

Katrine’s home had places where the storage conditions were hopeless. See how she used made-to-measure solutions to fix the problems.

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Niki’s organised attic storage

Get inspired by how interior design blogger Niki Brantmark has organised the storage space in her attic. The wall-hung storage system that Niki has chosen makes effective use of all the space in the attic.

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An organised space stokes the creative juices

Jenny Ekstrand runs the instagram account Arkivkreativ. She got tired of never finding her craft supplies and created an entire wall filled with craft storage.

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Transforming the girls’ room into a creative space

From a chaos of soft toys, games and knick-knacks to a creative space with a harmonious colour palette and practical storage solutions. Transformation into a charming girls’ room.

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Niki’s harmonious laundry room

Niki’s dream of having a monochromatic scheme in the laundry room came true. Be inspired by how she transformed her laundry room into a practical and harmonious utility space.

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“We call our pantry the “little shop”

The pantry is like a small shop packed with versatile and functional storage solutions. The pantry houses everything from large kitchen appliances to glass jars and spices in its 3 square metres of harmonious and organised space.

Cecilia's makeover

Natalie’s dream wardrobe in a small space

Natalie created a dream wardrobe out of two square metres by making maximum use of every single centimetre.

Natalies make over

Niki Brantmark’s dream wardrobe

Niki Brantmark of the popular design blog My Scandinavian Home has created a dream storage space under a sloped ceiling.

Niki’s bedroom makeover

Allie’s custom storage for her teen bedroom

Niki Brantmark is behind the popular design blog My Scandinavian Home. See how she used Elfa’s click-in system to turn a child’s bedroom into a teen’s room.

Allie’s makeover

Garage storage for an active life

Tom Nylund has an active lifestyle and has created the perfect garage to suit it, with room for fixing and storing all his gear.

Let’s take a look inside Tom’s garage

Generous work space in a small area

Home office, activity corner and storage all in one. It’s now much easier for the Ling family to work at home and be together.

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“The wardrobe is stylish and smart”

The charming Danish couple behind the design company Klintdrupp switched from clothes chaos to smart structure with an industrial New York vibe.

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Work and hobby space

See how Ingrid made maximum use of the wall by installing Elfa’s system to create an efficient workplace.

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Welcome to the home of Ingrid and Vidar!

At long last their new home is ready for them to move into. It is brimming with cheerful colours, exciting features and personal solutions. Let’s go in and take a look!

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Kathrine’s home - from chaos to order

Let’s take a look inside Kathrine’s home and we’ll show you how we helped solve her storage problems, room by room.

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Smart solutions for teen room

It was time for Leon’s room to get a mini-makeover. Leon is now a teenager and it was time to transform his bedroom into a proper teen space with a good storage system and room for gaming and hanging out with friends.

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From overflowing to orderly

What’s your utility room like? Is it well organised or complete chaos? Kathrine Sørland’s utility room used to be the latter. What was needed here was a complete makeover!

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Flexible storage in a 1920s home

Elfa’s acclaimed shelving system can be found in all rooms.

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Useful under-stairs pantry and storage

Find out how Brita transformed the small space into a handy storage solution.

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“Elfa’s shelves ticked all the boxes”

See how Johanna used the Elfa system to create her dream bookshelf.

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The perfect complement to the vintage dresser

See how Ada combines a vintage loft style with modern solutions to create the perfect space for her plants.

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“A practical utility room, at last!”

See how Jennie has transformed her cellar into a highly functional utility room.

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Smart storage solved the space problem

See how a boring bedroom was transformed to create a luxurious boutique hotel feel.

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"Today the garage is a place we love to spend time in"

Makeover in metal stars Floor och Hannes Van Dahls garage.

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Storage and Feng-Shui experts save a family hallway!

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"I was incredibly pleasantly surprised!"

Step into Cecilia Blanken's luxury fashion hut

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"I love the flexible and adjustable system!"

See how Jannice created a big change over such a small space.

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Industrial, playful and functional were our key words

See the hallway and bedroom transformation in the small family’s townhouse.

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"From a dark cellar space to a sparkly dressing room”

Get inspired by Jessica Frej’s colourful dressing room

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“My own luxury closet in a tiny space”

Thanks to Elfa Décor, Hannah Graaf created a charming, sparkle-filled walk-in closet!

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“Det flexibla systemet är enastående”

Besök Bingos mancave 2.0

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"Now we find our things in no time"

Let’s have a look at how they went about rearranging the family’s “back end storage”

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"A garage with space for everything"

Elise and her family have converted their old carport into a super-practical garage for an active family

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"En hall som hanterar alla våra förvaringsbehov"

När du behöver förvaring för hela familjen

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