Elfa Stories

We have gathered various home improvement projects of people who have used Elfa's products to create unique storage solutions in their homes 

A close up of the shoe shelves
Jessica in front of her colourful wardrobe

From a dark cellar space to a sparkly dressing room

Thanks to Elfa Décor, the Swedish Charismatic TV-personality, Jessica Frej, transformed the left over cellar room to a sparkling dressing room.

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“My own luxury closet in a tiny space”

Thanks to Elfa Décor, Hannah Graaf created a charming, sparkle-filled walk-in closet!

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“The flexible system is remarkable”

Visit Bingo's mancave 2.0

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Elfa story garage

"Now we find our things in no time"

Let’s have a look at how they went about rearranging the family’s “back end storage”

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Elfa vertical bike holder

"A garage with space for everything"

Elise and her family have converted their old carport into a super-practical garage for an active family

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"It takes care of all our storage needs"

When you need room for the whole family in one narrow hallway

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"I love the flexible and adjustable system!"

See how Jannice created a big change over such a small space.

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Elfa storage solution walk-in-closet

“It feels like walking into my own fashion store”

Have at look at Charlottas new dreamy walk-in-closet.

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