From small nails to bicycles. Whatever you keep in your garage or storage, there’s a place for it. Use hooks, shelves, drawers, brackets and holders to create your perfect storage solution. Use dividers for a better overview.

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Elfa wall system with shelves stacked with skis, sleeping mats, plastic boxes and tools.
Tom Nylund just inside his garage.

Practical garage for active living

Tom Nylund, who is well known in the world of mountain biking, needed to create space in his garage to be able to store and work on his outdoor gear. Our flexible storage system suits his active lifestyle perfectly. Welcome to the garage that is never a mess.

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Plants and plastic pots on a wire shelf.
Joanna lifts a plant off the wire shelf to put it in a basket she’s holding.

Urban gardening is on the up

Growing vegetables in small spaces in the city couldn’t be easier. Joanna uses our wall-mounted storage system to maximise the space. Visit her green garden room.

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From chaos to a family-friendly space in Floors and Hannes garage

Our very own Storage Expert with team took on the task of solving the storage in the metal stars Floor and Hannes Van Dahl's garage. Everything from motor vehicles, tools, horse stuff and garden accessories got their own spaces. And there was even room for a lovely seating area for the whole family - including the dog.

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