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Fashion journalist and media blogger Charlotta Flinkenberg has organised her walk-in closet, or her “dressing room” as she calls it, with fittings from Elfa Décor. She has transformed the space into a storage dream, where the focus is on fashion, function and a clear overview! Let’s hear how she achieved this.

Before and after

A closet combining fashion with function 

Clothes are a major part of my professional life and shoes are a huge passion of mine, so it is important for me to have a well-planned storage system for my clothes and accessories. To my mind, there are few things more pleasurable than choosing which outfit to wear. Being able to find everything quickly and easily makes it all the more enjoyable!

I’ve had all kinds of storage systems for my clothes in the past: from bagging up out-of-season items for storage in the attic and basement due to lack of space, to minimal and bulging wardrobes, as well as slightly more spacious walk-in closets. This one is my third, and hopefully the last, dressing room that I’ll be fitting out. Previous experience has taught me a great deal and I’d like to think I am somewhat an expert in this field.

Both fashion and function are important for me. There has to be a harmonious balance between the two in order to achieve optimal storage and organisation of your clothes. I have chosen light colours for the room and fittings because my clothes are brightly coloured and so this creates a more attractive framework.

I love the handy drawers for accessories where I can keep all my jewellery, belts, sunglasses and other items in perfect order.

The room is flooded with light

- Charlotta -

Little girl’s dream came true

I chose Décor, Elfa’s latest series of storage systems, for my dressing room, which now looks beautiful with its pink ceiling and white wall-to-wall carpet My dressing room is the ultimate little girl’s dream with plenty of space, an inviting ambience, easy overview of all my clothes – but best of all, my beautiful shoes are arranged in an eye-catching way.

I wanted to hang my clothes according to their type and length – short items (jackets, sweaters, blouses etc.) and longer items (dresses, coats, trousers, etc.). It was also important to have space for a full-length mirror and a generous amount of shelving for all my shoes.

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Create the right amount of space 

The shoe shelves can be raised or lowered to create the right amount of space for all kinds of footwear, from low ballet shoes to pumps with heels of various heights and high-leg boots. My clutch bags look fabulous on the angled display shelves.

Step into Charlottas walk-in-closet

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