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Walk-in wardrobe in the attic

Johanna has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram and she asked them for tips and ideas on how they would make maximum use of an awkward space for clothes storage. Many of her followers recommended Elfa.  Although the sloped ceiling and exposed beams posed a challenge, Elfa’s flexible system provided a solution that maximises the storage potential of the space.

By Charlotta Flinkenberg  Photos Johanna Berglund

This is where we live

Johanna Berglund (age 34) is a home and garden influencer. Kristoffer Berglund (age 36) is a home DIYer and works part-time as a lorry driver. The couple and their children, Hugo (age 11) and Melker (age 9), live in the Swedish town of Falköping in a large rectory with 180 sq. m. of living space. Follow Johanna on Instagram: @snickargladjen

Storage solutions in tricky spaces

Johanna Berglund is a hands-on home décor influencer. She and her family have downsized to a home with less living and storage space. They used to live in a house where each room had a side wardrobe and there was abundant storage space in a large cellar before they moved to a rectory with 100 sq. m. less space. “Actually, when we moved into the new house there were no storage units at all. My husband and I shared a sort of walk-in wardrobe in an upstairs room. We spent ages trying to figure out how to solve the storage problem.”

Recommendations from her followers

Johanna has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram and she asked them for tips and ideas on how they would make maximum use of an awkward space for clothes storage. Many of her followers recommended Elfa. “My preconceived idea about Elfa storage systems was that they were probably good and practical, but not very attractive. A notion that proved to be completely false, because I simply adore the end result and think it’s one of the best things we’ve done in our house – it’s good, practical and attractive!” “The attic space wasn’t easy to plan because of the tie beams and sloped ceiling. We needed to find a system that could be built around the tie beams, all the way up to the ceiling which is very high, perhaps four metres. We wanted to create as much storage space on the wall as possible.”

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Elfa’s storage expert Christine Dahlman came to the rescue and planned a layout using Elfa’s visualisation tool. Johanna and her husband Kristoffer liked it straight away.

“We gave Christine free hands and had complete confidence in her expertise. After all, she’s the expert when it comes to storage. The first design she showed us was perfect. We didn’t change a thing.”


When all the boxes containing the pieces and parts for the tall wardrobe arrived from Elfa, it was time for the couple to roll up their sleeves and get started.

“My initial thought when it arrived was “Crickey, how on earth are we ever going to put all this together?!” But it was all very straightforward once we’d got the top track in place. It took two hours or so to install it all. It was easy. Anyone could do it.”

Did anything about the actual system surprise you? “We like the fact that everything is visible at a glance. I think I’d envisaged lots of large wire drawers that swallow up all our things. This system is more elegant with numerous sophisticated and stylish solutions. For example, the gliding mesh drawers, the dividers and the wire shelves. I love the pull-out features, like the trouser hanger and the shoe shelf.”

 See the Click-in system
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“The gliding drawers are great, especially with their dividers.”

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“I love all of Elfa’s smart details, from small trays and shelves for accessories to large, sturdy shelves and rails.”

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Everyone in the family is pleased with the Elfa storage unit.

I want Elfa in every room now!

Easy to move and reconfigure

Johanna decided not to cover the screw holes on the front of the top track with the clip-on cover that creates a more tailored appearance. She has high praise for the flexibility of Elfa’s system. “I like the holes to be visible. In a way, they are one of the trademarks of the Elfa system and give it a certain charm. It takes a minimum of time and effort to move shelves around if you want. Adding an extra rail to hang up more dresses, for example, is simple and straightforward. One much-appreciated feature of the storage system is the different depths of the shelves and sections.”

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The space right at the top is used for storing extra duvets, outdoor gear, towels, winter wear and other less frequently needed items. A wooden ladder is kept next to the wardrobe wall.

“After we moved out of our previous home, we had a proper sort-out of our clothes. My advice is to sort all your clothes into three piles - keep, throw/give away and sell. My husband jokingly said ‘Everything I need can be moved in just one car. The rest is yours’.”

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Does one of you, like many other couples, take more than a fair share of wardrobe space?

“Yes. I have two thirds of the wardrobe...”

Such practical use of the space around the tie beams too

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