Plan your storage!

Here is our short, 4-step guide to your dream wardrobe


You can easily ‘drag and drop’ in our planning tool to plan anything from a small bookshelf to full-scale wardrobe solution, complete with interior and sliding doors. If you are a first time user, we recommend that you read the short guide below. Otherwise, just get started planning! Remember that the prices stated in the tool are approximate. We recommend that you carefully check the pick list the tool creates, as differences compared to the storage solution drawn can occur. 


Start planning

State your room measurements

You can choose to build on a standard solution or start with an empty wall. Enter your own measurement under the Room Size tab.

Add products

Click on the Add products button, and start to build. Select the product you want in the left hand column and drag it into place.

Change or remove product

To remove an item, mark it again and drag the right one across. You can also swap colours and dimensions for a product, or remove it if you change your mind.

Save your solution and basket

You can save your solution and open it again later. When you are satisfied with your new wardrobe or bookshelf, you can find all the products you need in your basket.

Use our planning tool

Drag and drop to plan your storage solution.

Start planning