Flexible storage, whatever your interest

A flexible storage system designed for everything from sports gear to heavy tools. Features new, smart functions, such as special cabinets for valuables and hazardous chemicals. It’s designed for modern needs and with the same high quality as always.


Ready solutions

Ready solutions are our recommended designs to solve common storage needs. You will find solutions in different sizes and price levels. You can open the solution in the Planning tool and adapt it according to your space and storage needs.



The framework of the Garage+ system is based on toptracks, standards and brackets.

Garage+ förvaring från Elfa med en förvaringstavla, trådhyllor och en meshkorg där det förvaras trädgårdsverktyg.


Storage functions

Storage functions, such as shelves, drawers and cabinets are clicked in to the framework. Freestanding workbench and cabinets can be added to complete your storage system.



We have put together some kits to make it easier for you to buy.

Storage for any interest

Whatever your interest, Garage+ will provide you with flexible storage solutions.

All products

Elfa storage systems are flexible and adaptable, as they are built up from components. Use the filters to find the unique storage functions to solve your needs.

Looking for inspiration?

Looking for smart storage ideas? Get inspired by others and see how different people have solved their storage challenges together with Elfa.

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