Garage+ is based on a unique and strong framework. The toptrack is screwed to the wall. Hang the standards on the toptrack and easily click in the storage functions you need with the help of brackets or directly in the framework. 

Top track

Elevate your garage with Garage+ top track. Flexible wall-mounted support.


Upgrade garage organization with adjustable standards. Strong steel, easy assembly. Tailor to your needs.


Enhance storage with the versatile Garage+ bracket. Strong, easy assembly, adaptable.

Extension hang standard adapter

Extend the height of your storage with the Garage+ extension standard adapter. Combine with extension standard.

All framework

The framework of the top hang system is based on top tracks, hang standards and brackets.

Planning Tool

With the help of Elfa Planning tool you can design your storage solution according to your specific needs. With easy to use drag and drops function you can plan everything from a small shelving system to a full-scale garage solution - complete with shelves, cabinets and work surfaces.

Plan your garage