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Work and hobby space

Who doesn’t dream of having a room dedicated to their own hobbies, or an inspiring home office where the chaos of family life is out of sight? But the truth is that not many of us have plenty of extra rooms, so we need multifunctional spaces that can be used for both work and hobbies. That’s the case for Ingrid and her family. Ingrid’s passion is sewing and she has created a storage wall with plenty of space for her hobby. This wall took on an additional role when the pandemic put home working on the agenda.

Storage wall with space for work and hobby

Ingrid created a large storage wall to have space for her hobby, namely sewing and needlework. Ingrid and her husband Stian designed their home, which they and their young daughters Synna and Minny moved into in 2016. Ingrid works as a psychologist and has a passion for interior design. Everything in their house has been chosen with care. When it was time to decorate the spare room, she realised they needed to create a practical yet stylish interior. “We spent a lot of time looking for smart solutions that would enable us to use the room as a home office and for my hobby. As soon as I stumbled across Elfa on Instagram, I felt that it would be right for us,” Ingrid tells us. An entire wall was designated for storing equipment, textiles and tools. Ingrid likes to be organised and loved the fact that she could now see at a glance where everything is, from rolls of fabric to bobbins of thread.

Time for sliding doors

It was now time for stage two of Ingrid’s plan for this multifunctional workspace. She wanted to install floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that would conceal the entire workspace. This would let her close the door on her sewing projects without having to pack them away, so that the family could use the room. She chose mirror panels to reflect light and make the room appear larger.

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Passion for sewing and order

The room has a high ceiling, but Ingrid was determined to maximise all the wall space. She stores seldom used items on the top shelves in grey boxes with lids, which keep dust out and give the shelves an organised and systematic look. The work surface is a deep shelf that provides ample space for her sewing machines. Above this, Ingrid has a board with small hooks and pots for scissors, bobbins and other small objects.

Home office when necessary

Sometimes you need to be able to sit somewhere secluded to get work done. Haven’t most of us tried working at the kitchen table, perched on a bar stool, while family members bustle about in the background? Ingrid’s storage solution makes it possible for her to lift the sewing machine onto one of the many shelves, get out her laptop and switch into work mode. There’s room on the wall board for a headset, mobile phone charger, hand cream and other small items that usually get stuffed into the office drawer. Keeping everything organised and easy to find for a busy workday. At the end of the work day, she simply hides it all by closing the sliding doors.

From a chaotic space to a favourite room

Ingrid tells us, “We couldn’t be more satisfied with our storage solution! We had been using this room as a dumping ground for everything we didn’t want in the living room and kitchen. Now it’s a space that everyone in the family can enjoy. The Elfa system makes it so much easier to keep things in order. Placing items on the shelves is a simple way to stay organised and the quality of the system is impressive. Now that we have sliding doors in place, the room feels much larger and tidier. This home office doubles as a sewing room that can be used every day, and we have somewhere for guests to stay. The children enjoy playing in the den-like space behind the sliding doors too”.

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