A classic complement to a vintage interior

Is vintage interior and a home filled with greens your jam? Then we recommend you go follow @zielona_kanapa on Instagram! Her home is the perfect mix of old and new, vibrant colors and an abundance of green plants.

The home

The woman behind the inspiring Instagram account is the polish influencer, Ada. She lives with her husband, Adam, and their young daughter in a house from the 70s. They have renovated it themselves in a vintage loft style. The home is in constant development, as Ada is passionate about interior design and adds every item with thoughtful consideration. 

- Since trends are constantly changing, I go for timeless and minimalistic furniture and warm them up with stylish accessories. I had already seen my sister hunt for vintage furniture, and when it was my turn to decorate our new home, shopping second hand was the natural choice.

Ada and her husband complement each other perfectly as he focuses mainly on functional and practical solutions, while Ada takes care of the esthetical aspect of the home. Together they have created their personal style that is anything but bland. The vintage loft style is consistent throughout their home.

Their initial budget covered basic renovation, leaving little for custom and build-in storage solutions. That is when Ada discovered modular and flexible solutions, like Elfa.

-We still need storage solutions for our home, and many things are still in the garage. We are constantly searching for functional and stylish solutions. Rooms that are organized well lets you prepare for the next day, tidy up in the evening and gives you a peaceful and harmonious feeling.


It is a perfect extension of the dresser and decorates the wall space


The vintage dresser

In the bedroom they have cool vintage dresser, but the wall above it presented an issue for Ada; how to make a good-looking shelving system for her many plants, decorative items, and framed artwork without cluttering the room? 

- Limitation of space can force you to go for solutions that do not really agree with your style. Big shelving units seemed too intrusive to me, and not suited for a bedroom. I gave it a lot of thought before I decided on Elfas wall hung system. The versatility and how easy it is to adjust appealed to me. So practical!

Are you happy with the result?

-I must admit I was apprehensive about combining the old dresser with such a clean cut looking shelving system. But with the result ready, I am super happy with it. It is a perfect extension of the dresser and decorates the wall space. The dresser looks even cooler, and room has a whole new look!

Follow Ada at @zielona_kanapa on Instagram for more inspiration

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