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Allie’s custom storage for her teen bedroom

Niki Brantmark, creator of the popular design blog My Scandinavian Home, is reorganizing her house room by room. After the successful transformation of the top story, it was time to tackle her daughter Allie’s room. Messy low storage dominated one side of the room. Niki had discovered that the toys were gathering dust and her daughter’s interests were becoming more teenaged.

By Charlotta Flinkenberg  Photo Niki Brantmark

This is where we live

Allie, age 14, lives with her family: Niki, Per, her sister Liv, almost 14, and Per’s son Albin, 21. The Brantmark family lives in a 150-square-meter house by the sea in Malmö. Allie’s mom Niki is behind the popular blog My Scandinavian Home. Follow Niki here @myscandinavianhome

Space for schoolwork and hobbies

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Together, mother and daughter sat down with Elfa’s expert team to sketch up a suitable solution for the approximately 2.5-meter-wide wall.

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Placing little baskets and hooks on the storage board freed up space on the desk.

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After some reorganization on site, which made Elfa’s flexible system possible, Niki decided to take advantage of the daylight from the window on the left side and place the desk there.

“I’m particularly glad that the desk can be raised as Allie grows.”

Stay organized with good functionality

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“Having ends on the shelves to support books and notebooks was especially important, to prevent them from falling out when Allie does cartwheels or other gymnastics exercises like backflips in her room!”

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“The little mesh basket underneath is also a super practical place for her to put cords that would be gathering dust on the floor otherwise.”

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The smaller metal shelf under the mirror is reversible and can be used with the edge facing up.

“The little metal shelf under the mirror is the perfect place to put nail polish and makeup brushes. The box underneath is fitted with Elfa Décor’s clever accessory tray, which makes it easier to keep track of things.”

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The boxes are mesh drawers combined with decorative drawer fronts from the Décor series, with leather loops as “knobs.”

What did Allie think of the outcome?

“She is absolutely thrilled with her room’s makeover! Now she loves spending time in her room with her friends. We made a custom wall for her that includes all the important aspects in her life right now: from schoolwork and studies to playful elements with her hobbies.”

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The hook rack is perfect for hanging up purses.

She adds with a laugh,

“Of course as a mom, I’m just as happy that she’s pleased as I am that her room isn’t so messy anymore. Now everything has its place and she can find it all, which makes things much easier!”

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