– The wardrobe is stylish and smart

The charming Danish couple behind the design company Klintdrupp switched from clothes chaos to smart structure with an industrial New York vibe.

Jesper and Thomas Klintdrup Holm have made a name for themselves in Denmark as a dynamic duo who bring a fresh, trendy approach to interior design. They help style and photograph interiors for home owners and companies.

They moved into the large apartment in Horsens three months ago. The apartment is somewhat dated and needed renovating. The wardrobe space in the master bedroom was definitely in need of a makeover. – It consisted of a cumbersome, old, white clothes cupboard with a glass front. Thomas tells us it was immediately obvious that it needed upgrading. The wardrobe was attached to the wall with static shelves that couldn’t be moved. It is common to find this kind of storage for clothes in older homes. – With old-fashioned wardrobes like this, you inherit someone else’s storage style and it becomes impossible to organise your clothes to suit your dressing needs.

The clothes storage dilemma had to wait, however, and they made do with the old wardrobe for the first few months while they focused on improving other areas of the apartment. – Our clothes ended up in a chaotic mess. We were stuffing all our clothes in any old how and it was difficult to find things. It got to the point where we gave up looking and just took whatever items were on top of the pile and wore them over and over again, says Thomas with a sheepish laugh. What clothes storage needs did you have? – Aesthetics and functionality are crucial for us. We particularly wanted our clothes to be more systematically sorted and clearly arranged. Versatility is essential. We occasionally buy a lot of new clothes and shoes and want to be able to move things around easily. And of course a large item of furniture like this has to be aesthetically pleasing too!

How did the wardrobe makeover process proceed? – Lars from Elfa showed us the various options for combining shelves, drawers and shoe racks. We browsed Elfa’s catalogues for inspiration. Playing around with the design for our wardrobe in Elfa’s online planner was great fun! Jesper and I are generally fond of the same style so we decided very quickly what colours and layout we wanted. Jesper and Thomas chose Elfa’s Graphite colour fittings. – We fell in love with it straightaway. The apartment has a bit of an industrial New York vibe to it with cool, black interior features.

Elfa’s click feature makes it extremely easy to assemble the system

The next job was to dismantle the old wardrobe to make room for the new one. This proved more troublesome than they had expected. More than 100 nails were holding the shabby old wardrobe in place. Removing it was the most time-consuming part of the project.

- Once all the parts for our Elfa wardrobe had arrived, assembling it only took a few hours. It was no effort at all! And it only needed eight screws in total, I think. The system clicks together and is extremely easy to assemble.

Thomas points out that the assembly process would probably have taken even less time if Jesper hadn’t kept stopping to take masses of photos from different angles for posting on his social media channels.

– The results are amazing! Our new sliding door system with its smart storage solution is perfect for our needs and has made the way we store and wear our clothes so much easier. I’d like to say that we dress more smartly now, thanks to Elfa.

In what ways has the wardrobe helped you, would you say? – We have a section each side inside the wardrobe where we hang up the outfit that we’ll be wearing the following day. We plan this the evening before. It is so much easier to see where everything is now.

Thomas and Jesper used to keep their footwear jumbled together in a box. Elfa suggested installing a shoe rack lower down in the wardrobe to get a feel of which footwear pairs well with an outfit.

- Our clothes and shoes are so clearly displayed and organised in the wardrobe that it’s a real pleasure to see all the clothes that we already own, including those we’d forgotten about.

The couple is delighted that Elfa’s flexible system allows them to reconfigure the interior to create a dynamic seasonal flow in their wardrobe and adjust the space to suit different lengths of clothing and other needs. – The wardrobe is not only attractive but smart too. I am very impressed by how functional it is.

A stylish hallway

The hallway, which you can view from the dining area, was also updated in the same style as the wardrobe in the bedroom.

The hallway wardrobe in Graphite along with the Décor system in grey.

Angled shoe shelves are both stylish and ingenious.

The husbands Thomas and Jesper Klintdrup Holm live in an apartment in Horsens in Denmark. Their design company Klintdrupp specialises in interior décor, styling and marketing. Jesper is a successful interior blogger with a huge passion for design.

Instagram: @klintdrupp

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