Elfa’s 10-year guarantee

The daily use of your Elfa storage solution exposes it to a lot of wear and tear, something that requires craftsmanship and raw materials of the highest quality, to maintain a lifetime of service. Elfa offers a 10-year guarantee that covers material defects during normal usage in a home environment, as well as any functional defects on moving parts such as wheels and soft closing, as well as interior products with pull-out function. The guarantee applies from the date of purchase.


If there is something wrong with your product, please contact the retailer/store where you made the purchase and bring the purchase receipt. The store will then report this to us. Elfa will then work swiftly, so that you will receive an answer to your case within the short¬est time frame as possible. It is important that you report a possible defect as soon as possible, so remember to unpack and check your delivery immediately. If you can not take the product(s) to the store, please take a photo of it and the defect. Take a photo at a distance of approximately 1 m and a close-up with an object (e.g. a matchbox or pen) next to it, for size comparison in case of surface damage.


Of course, we expect you to take care of your investment in the best way. An item that has been stored, assembled or used incorrect¬ly will not covered by the guarantee. External damage and consequential damage after your delivery has been accepted, will not be covered within the guarantee.

Guarantee 10 years