Top hang

Tophang with Décor design

Create a built-in look

Dream closets in a new unique way. The Décor range is a closet solution that combines function and flexibility with the style and luxury of wood. With solid wood fronts, shelves and other details Décor allows you to create clean lines in your closet but keep the flexibility and airy feel. It builds on the ingenious Elfa top hang system with modules that can be customized and adapted to your space and storage needs. 

Shelves & Drawers

Shelves and drawers are important for efficient storage. In the Top hang system you can choose between several materials, designs, and dimensions. Tool-free mounting in the system. Add accessories to improve organization.

Shoe storage

Create good overview and take care of your shoes by storing them on shelves or on our gliding shoe racks.

Décor Mirror

Mirror with wooden frame. Comes with integrated fittings and mounts between two standards.

Décor accessory tray

Accessory tray insert for easy access and organization of small items and jewellery.

All products

Elfa storage systems are flexible and adaptable, as they are built up from components. Start from our ready solutions or design your own. Use the filters to find the unique storage functions to solve your needs.

Planning and Measurement guide

Planning guide that helps you plan interior design for your storage solution. Step by step you will find tips and advice on how to measure and adapt the interior for your storage space.

Planning and Measurement guide