Sliding doors


Forma is a narrow frame with elegant and soft shapes. It gives a slim silhouette and let the fillings be in focus. Frame width is 32 mm. The frame is equilateral – looks the same on both sides – and can be mounted as Free Floor solution. Forma is also highly versatile when it coimes to features. Besides LED-light Forma can be Free Floor assembled and be slope-cut to fit angled ceiling rooms. Soft closing is included in price.

Guide to planning and measuring

Facts about Forma

Installation options

  • Top and Bottom track
  • Free floor
  • Wall hung
  • Sloped

Additional options

  • Bottomtrack with adhesive tape
  • Integrated LED-light
  • Room Divider
  • Soft-closing included
  • Triple track set


Width per door: 600-1600 mm
Free floor option: 700-1600 mm
Height: 400-3300 mm
Free floor option: 1800-2700 mm

Top track cover

Silver aluminum with front in frame colour.

Bottom track cover

Same as frame colour.


Overlap: 32 mm

Height divider

31,5 mm

Rail (upper/lower)

53 mm


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Assembly instructions

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