Mielestämme organisaation arvokkain voimavara ovat sen työntekijät. Siksi Elfalle on itsestään selvää tukea YK:n kestävän kehityksen tavoitetta 8. Miksi ei olisi? Tavoitteessa on kyse kaikkia koskevan kestävän talouskasvu, täyden ja tuottavan työllisyyden sekä säällisten työehtojen edistämisestä.

ONE Elfa – our core values

At Elfa we are very proud of our culture and our core values, often referred to as ONE Elfa. These values represent our beliefs:

- We are customer focused, always striving to exceed customers’ expectations. To do this, we think innovative and are open-minded to new ways of working and of creating value.

- We also believe in simple humane values such as appreciating that we are all different and treating everyone with respect. We are all people after all, we all have roles that serves an important purpose. We always act professionally in what we do.

- To close the circle, we share a holistic view of our business and act as one company. This is what we mean by being ONE Elfa.

Fair and inclusive workplace

At Elfa we respect each other and appreciate that we are all different. We take great pride in being a workplace where all employees are treated with respect and have the same rights, obligations and opportunities, irrespective of their gender, age, nationality or ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, and union affiliation.


At the moment we don't have any open positions, but you can always send us a general application at application@elfa.com.