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Elfa turns 75 years old!

In 2023, Elfa celebrates 75 years of innovation and customer focus. Since its inception, the company has been a reliable partner for many homes and apartments, and like society, homes and the living environment, Elfa has also developed over the years. But how has our living situation, interior design and everyday life changed from the time Elfa's success journey started to today?

From 1948 until 2023, our homes have undergone significant changes. The development has been characterized by advances in technology, changing lifestyles and societal trends that have affected our homes and our standard of living.

During the 1950s, smaller and simpler homes were common. Families often lived in apartments or smaller houses and had limited space, while families were larger in number. A typical home at the time was characterized by functional furniture, storage and a focus on common areas such as the living room with simple furnishings. Homes were often practical and had basic facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms, but often lacked modern conveniences such as central heating and hot water.

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More modern homes equal to prettier homes?

During the 1960s and 1970s housing development continued and it became more common to have separate bedrooms for children and parents as well as larger kitchens and bathrooms, our accommodations became more comfortable in many ways.

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With more modern homes, appearance became more important. In the 1980s came an increased focus on interior design and aesthetics in homes. It became more common to have an individual touch and personal style in the design of the home. Furniture and unique decor played a greater role in the work for a pleasant atmosphere in the quiet corner of the home.

Technology is moving in

During the 1990s and onwards, technological innovations and digitization have had a major impact on our homes. The introduction of the internet and smart technologies has revolutionized our homes in several ways. Now connected devices and smart devices that control lighting, heating, security systems and entertainment are part of everyday life. Homes have become more digital and simply adapted to the needs and preferences of the residents.

Today, most of us have modern conveniences and high technical standards. We have access to a variety of electronic devices and smart devices that simplify and improve our everyday lives. Energy-efficient solutions such as solar cells and sustainability have also become increasingly important in homes, and the focus on environmentally friendly alternatives is growing. In short, compared to when Elfa saw the light of day in 1948, it is in many ways a different housing climate in which we operate. But in the same way that homes develop, so does Elfa - therefore we look forward to the next 75 years as much as we have enjoyed them 75 preceding. So what does the future look like? There is no definitive answer to that, but if we can tell by the stars, we see both new and current trends that are here to stay.

Future trends

Storage expert, Christine Dalman, tracks future housing and storage trends.

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Digitization and homework

 The flexibility of being able to work remotely has become increasingly important and this affects the design of housing. Home offices and customizable workspaces will be in demand. So also technology that makes homework easier.

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Flexibility and adaptability

It is not only the work of the future that is flexible. Housing will be more adaptable to meet changing needs and lifestyles. Modular and multifunctional solutions enable remodeling of spaces and storage as needed. The homes will be designed to be adaptable to different family sizes, work needs and leisure activities at all stages of life.

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Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology will continue to play a central role in our homes. Smart home solutions such as connected devices, voice control and automation enable easy control of various systems in the home, such as lighting, heating, security and entertainment. The integration of IoT makes it possible to create more adaptable and user-friendly living environments. We simply become more comfortable.

Elfa Insights 2023

Elfa Insights is Elfa’s think tank where we investigate trends, needs and challenges related to storage. We do this through consumer surveys and by gathering insights from leading experts in sustainable consumption and psychology. This gives us the opportunity to delve deep into our favourite subject, storage, and inspire others to bring order, structure and harmony to their home and thus create space for important everyday things.

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Alexandra Davidsson

Alexandra Davidsson is a sustainability expert with extensive knowledge and experience in circular economy, consumption and sustainable lifestyle. She worked as general secretary for the association Medveten Konsumtion 2016-2022 and has been named one of Sweden's 33 greatest talents in sustainability according to Aktuell Hållbarhet as well as one of Sweden's 101 most powerful in sustainability. She is passionate about circular economy and creating circulars - a concept for the sustainable consumer of the future.

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Anneli Östling

Anneli Östling is a relationship expert, certified psychosynthetic therapist and change leader who works with midwives in her clinic at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. She is also behind the app Otrohetsakuten and is current with the podcast Stora Relationsguiden, which is used as a midwife. I host also a new app and a book with the same title.

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Christine Dalman

Elfa’s Senior PR Specialist and Storage Expert for the past 30 years. 

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