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Relationship psychology

Perceptions of order and tidiness in the home, the challenges involved in maintaining order, and how clutter and mess affect well-being and relationships can vary between women and men and between older and younger generations. What does a family need to be aware of in order to maintain good relations and an organised structure in the home?

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Circular consumption

Awareness around our impact on the climate and natural ecosystems is greater today than ever before. In the wider community, there is a growing tendency to consume with care and responsibility, and with a focus on the circular economy. What do we need to think about when it comes to more sustainable purchasing, and what exactly is circular consumption?

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Elfa turns 75 years old!

In 2023, Elfa celebrates 75 years of innovation and customer focus. Since its inception, the company has been a reliable partner for many homes and apartments. But how has our living situation, interior design and everyday life changed from the time Elfa's success journey started to today?

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Generations and the future

What role does the era in which we grow up play in our lifestyle habits? And what significance will this have for the storage in our homes in the future?

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Generationer och boendet

Alla behöver tak över huvudet, men hur ska det som finns under taket se ut? Trots att en del trender drar åt nomadhållet, att många flyttar ut från städerna och försöker göra sig oberoende från andra, kommer hemmet i någon form alltid att vara viktigt.

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Generations and consumption

Our consumption patterns, habits and values are influenced to a large extent by the environment in which we grew up and they also affect the way we develop as people. It is a topic that has interested scientists for years, and it interests us at Elfa too. What role does the era in which we grew up play in our consumption habits? And what significance does this have for the storage in our home?

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Home office

Working from home is here to stay – as is the home office. To make remote working effective and comfortable over the long term, it is essential to have space and storage in the home, which not everyone has today. When setting up a home office for regular use, it is important to plan the spaces in your home.

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Your personal space

For us at Elfa, a personal home is an organised and harmonious place where you feel secure and comfortable and can relax. It requires some time and effort to create that sense of ease and well-being that allows you to be yourself; you may need to sort out your belongings, improve your storage arrangements or refurnish your rooms.

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Sustainable wardrobe

When it comes to sustainability, it is best to wear what you already own and make sure it lasts longer. So it’s smart to invest in good-quality clothing with enduring designs that will remain in style and stand the test of time. It is also extremely important to care for your clothing and store it correctly.

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Major renaissance for the home

Our home has become the centre of our lives. It’s where we work, spend time with the family, exercise, eat our meals and relax – multifunctional, 24/7 spaces, quite simply.

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