How to create a stylish and functional closet

Are you looking for a long term storage solution for your clothes and shoes? Is is hard to know where to start your closet organising? There are smart tips to have in mind to succeed in optimising storage of shirts, pants, shoes, socks, underware, assessories and other items that need space in your wardrobe. Finding the right combination of hanging clothes, folded clothes and smart accessory storage takes a bit of planning, but will be time well spent in the end. Let us give some valuable tips on how to get started and how to plan an efficient closet.

The ingenious click-in system with its unbeatable function and flexibility has now become even more versatile in style, by the addition of a new colour for clothing storage. 

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Graphite hooks


Graphite works well both in a Scandinavian classic environment as well as in trendy urban ones.

By itself on a wall or in combination with classic or top trendy sliding doors, whichever you prefer, you can create a solution that will enhance the style of your home.

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”Graphite” is an Elfa unique colour, which is developed to help you achieve a warm, luxurious and contemporary look for your closet. 

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Organising my closet, where do I start?

Getting started is half the job they say. That is also true when it comes to planning your clothing storage. We think arranging an organised closet can be a lot of fun. But before you start the planning for how many shelves, drawers, shoe shelves etc you need, there are a few step-by-step tips we would like to share.

1. Take a before picture 
Take a before picture which is good to have when planning with a retailer but also for comparing the before and after results.

2. Write down the dimensions 
Write down the dimensions of the room, preferably along with a sketch. Don't forget to include doors, windows, radiators. 
How to measure

3. Sort out unused clothes
Can you sell, swop or give away to friends?
4. Catalogue your clothes
Catalogue your clothes by making an inventory and write down how many blouses, shirts, trousers or skirts and dresses, shoes etc you have. This will make the planning of your storage easier.

5. Now you are ready to plan! 
Choose from our range of ready-made solutions, plan in our online planning tool or book an appointment with your nearest Elfa retailer, who will help you design your storage solution.

Efficient clothing storage tips

Here are some valuable tips to have in mind when planning a practical closet, to maximise the use of space, create overview and an airy closet solution.

Clothes hanging in different levels

Hang as much as possible

Hang as much as possible, preferably at two heights. The benefits are extra space, easy access and clothes that are free of creases. Hang all the way in the corners, to use the space efficiantly.

Keeping the floor clean

Keep the floor free

Choose a top hung solution. This will create an airy feel to the room and make the room easier to clean.

Spacing matters

Recommended spacing between each shelf is 35 cm, when you store folded clothes. This way you won’t get an overloaded closet.

Pants hanging neatly

Hang or fold your pants

Jeans can be stored folded, or rolled up, while more formal trousers are best hung on extendable pant racks. This separates them for easy selection, keep them wrinkle free and takes up less space than hangers.

Hooks for easy access to the clothes one uses the most

Create easy access

Robes, jeans and clothes that you use frequently can be hung on hooks inside or on the sides of your storage solution.

Woman sorting her clothes in her wardrobe


Store by category

A good way to store your clothes is by dividing the solution into sections for job, leisure and party. Another way is to sort by colour. To keep a clean look, use identical hangers in the entire closet.

“My own luxury closet in a tiny space”

Thanks to Elfa Décor, Hannah Graaf created a charming, sparkle-filled walk-in closet!

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