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Top track W: 60 platinum

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Upgrade your organization with our versatile top track. This essential component serves as backbone of the click-in system, providing support for hang standards. The top track features end stops and an upper lip, preventing standards to fall out sideways or upwards. Mounts easily through the oval screw holes to the wall and minimizes the number of wall holes required. Available in different widths and can be to cut. Pair with a top track cover for a polished appearance. When mounting, leave around 3-5 mm space up to the ceiling if you have a top track cover in order to have sufficient room to slide it on.

  • A strong and safe backbone for a flexible storage solution. 
  • End stops and an upper lip ensure standards stay in place.
  • Choose from different widths and can be cut to desired width.


Needs To Have

Screw and plug

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Drywall anchor pkg/5

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Nice To Have

Hang standard H: 99 platinum

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Hang standard H: 153 platinum

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Hang standard H: 214 platinum

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Hang standard H: 230 platinum

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Top track cover W: 60 platinum

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Assembly instructions

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