Wire shelf W: 90 D: 40 platinum

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Enjoy a clear view of your stored items with our wire shelf - a versatile solution offering excellent ventilation and transparency. This shelf effortlessly clicks into place between two brackets, requiring no tools for installation. Use D: 30 for narrower spaces like hallways and shallow pantry storage, use D: 40 and 50 for linen closets or standard closet storage. Can be cut in width to suit your needs.

  • Choose from different depths to suit your specific storage needs, from narrower to deeper spaces.
  • Can easily be cut to the desired width, ensuring it fits perfectly in your space.
  • Use in your hallway, linen closet, pantry or any space that needs efficient and organized storage.


Needs To Have

Bracket click-in D: 40 platinum

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Nice To Have

Wire shelf divider D: 40 platinum

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Label holder for wire shelf and wire basket

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Wire shelf clips translucent

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Shelf hook platinum

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Tie & Belt Rack

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Valet rod D: 40 silver

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Expandable valet rod silver

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Wire shelf liner W: 60 D: 40

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Assembly instructions

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