Ready solutions to help you on your way

The Elfa system contains many smart features and products. Our planning experts have pre-planned a selection of ready solutions for different room types and storage needs. This will help you on your way to new functional storage. Just add the specific solution directly to your purchase list and visit some of our re-sellers or open the solution in our planning tool and modify it to fit your specific needs and measurements.

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Hallway Small 1



Width: 1300 mm | Depth: 460 mm | Height: 2400 mm


Hallway Medium 1


An open hallway solution in white. It has wire shelves for ventilated storage of knits and hats, space for both short and long jackets and coats and smart hooks for hanging accessories and bags. It also has plenty of storage for low and high shoes and concealed storage for gloves, scarves and other small items.


Width: 2600 mm | Depth: 675 mm | Height: 2400 mm


Hallway Medium 2



Width: 1905 mm | Depth: 1000 mm | Height: 2400 mm