Top track 1248 mm Matte grey

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Upgrade your garage organization with the versatile Garage+ top track. This essential component serves as the backbone of the system, providing support for the standards. Easily mounted on the wall, it ensures flexibility and minimizes wall holes. Customize your setup by choosing from different widths and the option to cut. Pair with a top track cover for a polished appearance.

  • Backbone for a flexible storage solution.
  • Achieve organization without excessive wall damage, thanks to flexible wall-mounting.
  • Choose from different widths or customize to your needs.


Needs To Have

Screw and plug

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Drywall anchor pkg/5

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Nice To Have

Standard 2172 mm Matte grey

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Standard 1020 mm Matte grey

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Standard 1532 mm Matte grey

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Top track cover W: 60 Matte grey

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Assembly instructions

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