Sustainable wardrobe

Why invest in a well-assorted and carefully-planned wardrobe?

Because you’ll save time, energy and money. You won’t need to buy new items because you can’t find what you’re looking for and you won’t get annoyed over little everyday things. When it comes to sustainability, it is best to wear what you already own and make sure it lasts longer. So it’s smart to invest in good-quality clothing with enduring designs that will remain in style and stand the test of time. It is also extremely important to care for your clothing and store it correctly.

Garment care with Emma Elwin

It’s a good idea to regularly sort your wardrobe to keep it tidy and make room for the items that you actually wear and use. Find out what a sustainable wardrobe means for Elfa Insights member Emma Elwin. Plus how correct storage and care increase the lifespan of her clothes.

Different items of clothing require different storage methods to keep them looking good and lasting longer. Sustainability expert Emma Elwin shares her top tips for storing clothes:

  • Knitted sweaters should be folded and ideally stored with cedar wood balls.
  • Trousers with a front crease down the leg should be hung with the crease
    facing outward.
  • T-shirts can be folded or hung on a hanger.
  • It’s always best to hang up shirts, blouses and dresses.
  • Use a shoe tree to keep your leather shoes in their proper shape.
  • Suits and wool coats should be hung on a shoulder support hanger.
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Garment care

There are plenty of smart tools in the market that help extend the longevity of garments. One piece of advice is to plan a wardrobe that has these tools easily available to make it easier to create care routines for your clothes.

Other advice and tips on how to care for your clothes:

  • As far as possible, try to avoid washing your clothes too much. Use linen spray instead and hang clothes out to air.
  • Invest in a wool or cashmere comb to remove pilling.
  • Look after leather shoes by applying a wax polish or cream at least every two months to keep them supple.
  • Use laundry bags to protect delicate items when washing them in the machine.

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