Four ingenious minds

At a time of technical expansion and a high demand for something new, four ingenious minds came to simplify everyday life to this day, 70 years later. Who were they?

Arne Lydmar

The fast thinking entrepreneur

It’s 1948 and Arne Lydmar, the fast thinking entrepreneur, trained in electrical engineering, good with logic and numbers and said to be impossible to beat at cards, has just left IBM. His engineering firm Elfa has been registered and piles of mail-order catalogs, that his wife Britta helped him make, now occupy the kitchen table. 64 pages of “Everything between antenna and earth”.

Nils Strinning

In the same place and at the same time is Nils Strinning, Britta Lydmar’s enterprising cousin. He has just designed an ingenious dish stand made of steel wire. Seeing potential in Strinning’s idea, Arne Lydmar accepts to manufacture it and he does not think it’s a problem that dish stands are not quite Elfa’s core business.

Creating space since 1948