Wide L-Hook Matte grey

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Improve your storage with the robust Garage+ wide L-Hook, designed to securely hold heavy equipment such as ladders and cables. Featuring a cushioned non-slip coating, this double-pinned hook ensures stability and protection. Fasten it in a storage track, top track, or screw it directly onto the wall.

  • Safely hold heavy equipment like ladders and cables.
  • Double-pinned design and non-slip coating ensure stable storage.
  • Attach to Garage+ storage track, top track, or screw onto wall.


Needs To Have

Top track 1248 mm Matte grey

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Top track 1855 mm Matte grey

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Track standard fittings Matte grey

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Screw and plug

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Drywall anchor pkg/5

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Nice To Have

Tall box for Storage track and board translucent

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Assembly instructions

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