Top hang



The Elfa Tophang system is based on a frame work that is screwed to the wall. Then you click-in storage functions depending on your needs. 

Top track

The Top track serves as backbone of the top hang system, providing support for hang standards. It features end stops and an upper lip, preventing standards to fall out sideways or upwards. Mounts easily through the oval screw holes to the wall and minimizes the number of wall holes required.

Hang standards

Our versatile hang standards, crafted from sturdy coated steel, effortlessly hold shelves and drawers. The easy-to-assemble design ensures hassle-free mounting on the top track.


Our versatile bracket, engineered for strong and stable installation on standards. Easily assembled in standard slots, it offers flexibility to rearrange your storage system as needed. Pair with wire shelves and gliding drawers in corresponding depth for a complete and finished look.

Extension hang standard adapter

Extend the height of your storage with the extension standard adapter. Combine with extension standard.

All framework

The framework of the top hang system is based on top tracks, hang standards, and brackets.

Planning and Measurement guide

Planning guide that helps you plan interior design for your storage solution. Step by step you will find tips and advice on how to measure and adapt the interior for your storage space.

Planning and Measurement guide