Meet interior designer Genevieve Jorn

Genevieve has been working as an Interior Designer, Stylist & Visual Storyteller for over a decade. She is based in southern Sweden and has her roots in Quebec, Canada. Genevieve's superpower is creating playful, colorful and whimsical interiors that bring people together, provoke emotions and tell stories. 

A colourful bookshelf in the living room

For this project, Genevieve worked on their  living room. It's their happy place, where the family spend most of their time together, so she wanted the room to feel cheerful, lively and inviting. 

Genevieve Jorn's top tips for styling the living room

Dare to use color

Colors are magical. In fact, Genevieve believe they hold superpowers. They can transform a space, influence our mood, and generate emotions without lifting a finger! They are the definition of generosity! Using the white shelves as the perfect canvas, she choose to compliment them with different shades of greens, blues and violets against her bold green wall.


Play with Lighting

Genevieve also loves playing with lighting. Too often a forgotten guest, lighting actually plays a huge role in our interiors. They have a lot of natural light in the dining room, and they have a good pending lamp that gives them great general light, so for the shelf she wanted a lamp that helped her set the mood.

Style around specific object

Genevieve like to start her styling focusing on a specific object and then building around it. In this case, she drew inspiration from the green lamp and how it could complement the shelves. She also has a secret passion for prints and graphics. They are such a creative way of bringing shapes and colors to a room, and can help add that extra touch of personality to your home.

Traditional shelves in a nontraditional style

Genevieve used our traditional shelving system. The wallbands and brackets in graphite and white melamine shelves offers a nice contrast to the playful decorations and the colorful wall.

See the shelving system