Free floor sliding doors

Keep the floor clear with Free floor sliding doors

With this year’s new product, you can create a refreshing spacious look, as the border between where the wardrobe ends and the room begins is gone. Free floor doors open up new ways of designing the interior of your home.

The Free floor alternative, with no bottom track, for our premium doors Estetic, Artic and Forma lifts the doors off the floor and opens up your home. Free floor doors give a spacious look and eliminate restrictions on what you can do with your home. So question your old habits! When a wardrobe interior and sliding doors are lifted off the floor, cleaning becomes quick and easy. A small detail that makes a big difference. See more smart, functional benefits in the film above!

Elfa top-hung sliding doors and room divider


Free floor sliding doors can be used as classic sliding doors and as room-dividers


Free floor doors slide just above the floor. A small floor pin either screwed or taped onto the floor ensures stability.