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Linear - frameless simplicity

Linear is a series of sliding doors that make a new addition to the Elfa family. The Linear doors are characterised by its clean lines with bold patterns with clear roots in the Scandinavian aesthetics that characterise the entire Elfas range.

The sliding doors' unique and stylish designs were developed in collaboration with the renowned Swedish designer Hanna Werning.

Linear is manufactured in a sturdy MDF design, made-to-measure, and can also be obtained with patterns and handles on both sides.

Elfa sliding doors linear design hanna

Design line

When Hanna Werning was asked as guest designer for the project, she immediately found inspiration. Hanna looked at Elfa classic and found the patterns, lines and shapes that have been Elfa's signature since the 1960's. The result can be said to be Elfa's story narrated by a series of creations that appeal the eye as much as the intellect.

Hanna is one of Sweden's most recognized and celebrated pattern designers, and when you see her creations, it's easy to understand why. The way she used Elfa's design heritage lifts the door series, with its linear tones, which at the same time stand out and create calmness.

The design process
Linear is characterized by its clean lines with beautiful patterns by the renowned Swedish designer Hanna Werning.

Without sharp edges
Handle made of white metal, shaped like a classic Elfa slot.

Design - choose between our different designs







Pattern-free, timeless
Scandinavian design
at its purest

Optical playfulness of
the familiar harlequin
pattern from an Elfa
wire basket 

A romantic free fall
of drops and leaves,
patterned on familiar
Elfa wire meshing 

A zig zag motif—
minus the zig—
for a modern twist
on traditional paneling 

Inspired by the grid
pattern typical of some
of Elfa’s most recognizable

With inviting inlaid
mirror for added


Both Scenic and Linear are fully made-to-measure and available with
popular customisation features such as integrated LED lighting and soft-close.


 Door width: 600-1000 mm  
 Height: 1800-2700 mm (Reflect 2250-2700 mm)  
Description: White shade: 0500-N Thin aluminium strip in white on door edge. Two recessed handles in white aluminium on door front. If ordered as a room divider, handles on both sides. All patterned doors are supplied as standard with back in Plain 99001, although you can request any pattern on the back (the same or different to the front) at no extra cost. Solutions for room dividers are always supplied with the pattern chosen on the back as well, unless another pattern is specified when ordering. The back of Reflect is always Plain (99001).

Top track/top track cover: white aluminium
Bottom track: white aluminium


Integrated LED lighting
Wall-mounted top track
Pre-taped bottom track
Brush strip
Recessed single track
Triple track 

Track set depth (mm):

Track set  Top track
(1 front)
 Top track
(2 fronts)
 Single  54,5  60,0  42,0
 Single (milled) **  54,5  60,0  15,5
 Double  97,0  102,5  84,5
 Triple  139,5  145,0  127,0
NOTE! When planning a wardrobe you must consider the depth of the
track set. For all solutions a double track set is included in the price. Can
be changed to a single track set upon request. Room dividing solutions
come with two top track fronts as the top track is visible from both
sides. The single track set includes a rail up to twice the width of the
door. The triple track set and single milled track set are options.