How to plan your wardrobe

What type of storage are you looking for? Smart storage creates more space in your wardrobe. Clothes, jackets, shoes, jewellery, ties or tools - Elfa has storage and wardrobe interiors for every possible space and requirement. Plan and build your wardrobe using these simple steps.

Step 1.

Measure up. Everything starts here - what do I need to know in terms of depth, length etc.? Sloping ceiling or other irregular spaces? Measure and plan the space in your project. Take your measurements to a dealer where you can fine-tune the details to arrive at the best interior and sliding door solution. Get help and draw your wardrobe using Elfa’s planning tool.

Step 2.

What do you want to put in your wardrobe? Which type of storage do you want? Do you want it open or concealed? Built-in wardrobe with sliding doors? We all have different storage needs. That’s why we’ve created extremely flexible solutions you can adapt to your needs. Chose between two wall-based and two floor-based systems as the basis for your smart storage system. Combine with made-to-measure sliding doors for a complete solution able to support a flexible lifestyle.

Step 3.

Choose the right wardrobe solution and accessories. The new Elfa system is born. Let your imagination run away with you. Elfa has wardrobe interiors and accessories able to satisfy most requirements. A new product from Elfa is 30 cm depth models for confined areas, such as halls or other multifunctional spaces now found in modern ‘small space living.’ Take a look at our recommended products and smart tips designed to support your storage needs, for example.