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Take a staycation

Like a holiday, your bedroom is a place to unwind and feel utterly relaxed. Imagine an atmosphere that inspires that same laid back feeling in easy going hues and natural textures. Using our colours and finishes for sliding doors, you can create an inviting environment to enjoy every day of the year.



3 solutions to holiday perfection

It’s your holiday and you want it to be perfect. Create that same perfection by giving thought to the details. Our solutions are made to adapt to your style and needs. Select from a wide range of colour collections, door shapes and styles. Doors made to measure? Yes please.

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Create holiday peace year round

There are a few tricks that holiday lodgings employ that make us feel more relaxed. Learn the practicalities of making your bedroom a true inner sanctum of peace and how to set the stage for a perfect night’s sleep.

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Like a holiday, your bedroom is a place to unwind and feel utterly relaxed


Set the tone

With the right color, you can inspire an atmosphere where the clock stops ticking and peacefulness reigns supreme. Our two new colour collections,  Herbal Infusion  and  Timeless  do just that. Both offer a selection of natural and neutral shades and finishes that can be combined to compliment and adapt to your style.

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Choose your style

Select from smooth glass, classic woods, Scandinavian patterns and much more. You decide which style brings the right feel to your bedroom.

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