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Made to measure sliding doors - how to measure up

Measure and plan your space the way you want it – in the design you choose, with or without frame.

1. Measure up your space

Measure the height at three positions: left, right and centre. State the shortest height when ordering.
The adjustable wheel means you can correct differences in height of up to 1.2 cm.
If a height difference is greater, discuss the best way to deal with it with your Elfa dealer.

Measure the width of the storage space at two positions (floor and ceiling). Remember to measure where the doors will be placed.
We recommend placing them 675 mm away from the wall.
You then have space for a wardrobe with a 40 cm deep interior, clothes on hangers and sliding doors.

2. Visit your dealer

Take your measurements to your dealer. They can help find the right interior and sliding door solution using a detailed planning tool. Our dealers also place the order on your behalf.

3. Delivery

Elfa's sliding doors are made according to the unique measurements you give when ordering. Delivery times for a framed door are approx. 2-4 weeks, and for frameless sliding doors (Linear and Scenic), approx. 4-6 weeks.
Delivery times can vary, depending on season. Ask your dealer for a specific delivery time. We recommend that you choose home delivery of doors to minimise the amount of transportation
and thus the risk of damage.