Special solutions and options

Top-hung sliding doors

  • Available for the sliding doors: ARTIC and ESTETIC
  • No bottom track

Slope-cut sliding doors

  • Available for the sliding doors: FORMA, ARTIC and ESTETIC in double and triple track solutions.
  • A control arm is mounted behind the slope cut sliding door, attached to the interior behind (a guide rail mounted at the front edge of a melamine or wire shelf), for stability.
  • Important: Prior to production, the customer must approve Elfa’s design proposal.
  • Tempered glass can’t be a part of the slope cut field.
  • One door per side can be slope cut.
  • The slope cut door can’t have a pointy tip. 75 mm must be provided in the top of the slope cut area. See sketch.
  • A slope cut door can’t be a part of a wall hung or top hung solution or be equipped with soft-closing function.

Wall-mounted top track

  • Available for FORMA, ARTIC, ESTETIC, LINEAR, and SCENIC in single and double track solutions.
  • Top track assembled on the wall. Bottom track on the floor.
  • A wall hung door can not be slope cut or possible together with soft-closing.


  • Elfa offers a multi-patented soft closing which provides a more gentle touch to the doors when closing. Can not be used together with slope cut doors or wall hung top track. Available for all Elfa sliding doors, except Original.

  • Minimum door width: 
    600 mm (Vista: 700 mm)

LED lighting

  • LED lighting pre-assembled in the top track incl. 12V transformer and 4 meters of cable. Lighting socket can be placed on optional side of lighting. For room divider solution we recommend 2 sets of lighting. Available for all Elfa sliding doors, except Original.   
  • NOTE! In the event of completion of the lighting in retrospect: 000 € /m for the top track.

Triple track solutions for three doors

  • The triple track set replaces the double track set and should be ordered at the same time as the sliding doors in order to avoid the need of re-installation of the sliding door solution.

  • NOTE! The triple track set is wider than the double track set. You must take that into account when measuring the depth of your solution.

Single track set for triple track solution, Vista

  • The Top track is hooked in the double track set. The bottom track is placed next to double track set.
  • Only available for the sliding door model Vista.

Single track for Artic, Estetic, Linear and Scenic

  • The double track set can on request be changed into a single rail up to twice the width of the door at no extra cost.
  • Perfect if you want to use the sliding door as a room divider and want the door to run on an extra long rail.