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A kitchen to your taste

The kitchen is the new hub of the home, and a natural place for the whole family to gather. Everything from wine glasses, the best china, serviettes and kitchen towels - not to mention recipe books - can be kept in your kitchen. Sometimes it can seem impossible to find space for everything. But there are creative solutions that can give you the extra space you need. 


Easy to find

A storage wall behind sliding doors gives you lots of storage space and can be an excellent part of the interior design and overall look of the kitchen. Create warmth by using some of our sliding doors in wood or create a personal look with colours. Behind the sliding doors, you make space for everything you want to keep handy in the kitchen. Make space for kitchen towels, kitchen rolls and jams or for recycling. 

Open storage

If you don't have an entire wall, you can work with smaller scale storage solutions. Open storage can be practical and neat in a kitchen. The things you need often are easy to get at, and those you want to display add personality to the room. Why not have your favourite bowls and recipe books out on a shelf?


Enhance kitchen storage using the following example