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Children's room

Smart storage solutions for children's rooms

Children's rooms are a real challenge when it comes to storage. To be able to keep a child's room tidy, a flexible, safe storage solution is almost essential. Picking up Lego, chalk, beads, cars and clothes from the floor is the norm for most families. With shelves drawers and different types of hooks that can be easily and flexibly moved around and adapted according to the child's age and height, to ensure you've always got the best form of storage, instead of having to keep on changing. Hanging things on shelf hooks instead of using hangers is mush simpler for a child. As with all other rooms, constantly sorting, saving, giving and throwing away is important. Sorting Lego blocks by colour into small trays on a storing board, can actually be great. Create an outlet for play and creativity with Elfa's wide range of storage for children's rooms.  


To follow are some neat storage suggestions for children's rooms.