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I would love a hall that takes care of all our storage needs

Let's take a look at Elisabeth's hallway

Where are my keys? - Where's my scarf? Do you recognize yourself? Stay with us and see how we created  practical hall storage for Elisabeth, Preben and their daughter Annie.



A hall that takes care of all our storage need

In a charming end terrace house from 1974, lives Elisabeth, Preben and their 5 ½ year old daughter Annie. The family’s goal was that everything belonging to the ground floor should be stored there. The dilemma was that the only storage area on the ground floor is that in the hall. This is where all the coats, scarves, gloves, shoes, tea towels, tech gadgets, cleaning products etc., are competing for space. Our task was to satisfy Elisabeth’s desire to have “A hall that takes care of all our storage needs”.


I would love a hall that takes care of all our storage needs



A long, narrow and dark hall, but with huge potential

Although the hall is relatively small and narrow, there was great potential for maximising the space. Temporary and uncoordinated storage-solutions were replaced, and the curtain used to cover the previous badly hung sliding doors, was taken away. New rails and sliding doors from Elfa were fitted. And now it’s become not only a clothes, shoe and accessories storage space for the parents, but there’s also room for guests’ jackets too.



A calmer feeling

The house is open plan, so from the dining/living room you can see the hallway. To provide a calmer impression, pull-out drawers, clothes rails and shoe shelves are all concealed behind sliding doors.



Annie got her very own storage

To the right of the front door, opposite the parent’s wardrobe, Annie has her own storage. The family really wanted to preserve the natural light sources, particularly the window beside the front door. Elfa’s 30 cm deep concept fits perfectly in this limited space of just 36 cm depth. Here the wallband top track was mounted at a child-friendly height. And on this, everything else is hung: hang standards, clothes hooks, gliding mesh drawers providing easy to view storage, and wire shelf baskets for shoes. Annie seemed to be really pleased with this solution when she proudly hung up a cardigan and put her headphones away in one of the drawers.





Drawer organisers

If you want to divide your drawers into compartments, there is a handy drawer divider for the mesh drawers that simply click into place. To keep her gloves in pairs, Elisabeth has found a very clever solution with clothes pegs.


A fresh scented wardrobe

Decorative cedar wood hanger rings keep clothes-moths and carpet beetles away.


One happy family

So, what did you think of the result Elisabeth?

It’s a really great complete solution! On my and Prebens “side” we can easily keep track of all our clothes, shoes, accessories and cleaning products. And Annie is delighted to have her own storage. We are so happy that we’re no longer stumbling over shoes and jackets that otherwise easily end up on the floor because Annie can’t reach. Now I’ll just restyle a bit, so I feel I’ve put my personal touch on it, “said Elisabeth, laughing.