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Your storage partner through life

Do you have a thing for dresses, a soft spot for cashmere sweaters or not see the leggings for all the t-shirts? Elfa has a place for every one of your pieces, so you can easily spot them. And, so your darlings last longer - if not forever. All sections fit together and can be built upon whenever you need, wherever you live.

Design your dream

Elfa creates space you didn’t know you had. Choose sections based on your clothes and needs and see what smart storage can do for your wardrobe. 

Plan your storage

With the right storage you can turn small spaces into large

Ingenious design

It’s all in the details

Every piece of Elfa is created to care for your clothes in the smartest and smoothest way possible. The mesh back for example, not only gives you a proper overview, but also gives your sweaters the chance to breathe. The pant rack takes care of ten pairs of trousers in a small space yet lets them hang loose in peace. And, the lower mesh back paired with one or two dividers keeps track of your socks. Life changer.

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Choose your style

Select from smooth glass, classic woods, Scandinavian patterns and much more. You decide which style brings the right sense to your bedroom.

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