Mesh drawer with Décor gliding drawer frame

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Mesh drawer combined with a decorative wooden frame, creates a warm, decorative, and premium look. Drawer with good ventilation for keeping clothes fresh, also suitable for smaller items. Easily clicks in place between two Bracket click-ins, no tools needed. Drawers available in different heights. Supplement with Bracket click-in 40.

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Article: Mesh drawer with Décor gliding drawer frame
Width x Depth x Height (mm): 600x437x185 mm
Consumer.Included Articles:
600210 | Décor gliding drawer frame W: 60 D: 40 white | White/White 600x437x32 mm
145290 | Mesh drawer W: 40 D: 50 H: 18 white | White 427x527x185 mm
Color: White/White


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