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The hallway is where shoes, bags, coats, jackets, mail, keys, sports gear and other things coexist. A functional closet will bring space and peace to this important part of your home. And whatever size of the hall, you can always customize your storage to suit your needs.


Create your own unique sliding doors according to your own dimensions

Adding sliding doors is a space saving and stylish way to hide your storage. Elfa’s sliding doors are fully customized. Create your own unique sliding doors according to your own dimensions. Choose from a selection of frames, fillings in trendy colours , clear glass or mirror glass. 





We gave Elisabeth, Preben and Annie’s hall a make-over.

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Easy access is key in your hallway

The hallway needs storage functions for clothes, but also for bags, mail, keys and other things passing through. Dedicated products and accessories for each item is key for keeping track.



Make your hall look bigger

We took a look into the halls of two Norwegian girls who had both put in a storage solution from Elfa. Both have selected sliding doors with mirror glass to create space and light.



Sliding doors with mirror glass with a white frame 

Ida has chosen sliding doors with mirror glass with a white frame. The floor to ceiling doors reflect the light from the window, radiating it further down the hall.


Sliding doors with mirror glass with a black frame 

Marthe has chosen sliding doors with mirror glass with a black frame. The doors are from floor to ceiling, creating the illusion of a room divider, making the room feel twice as big.


Quick start to plan your hallway closet


4 sections without sliding doors

Width: 2400 mm - Height: 2400 mm - Depth: 675 mm

3 sections without sliding doors

Width: 2400 mm - Height: 2400 mm - Depth: 675 mm

Smart hooks keeps track of your keyes

The shelf hook has many possible functions. For example you can hang your bags or keys.


Divide and conquer

Use a divider for our wire shelf baskets to create different compartments for each family member and his or her things. Add shelf hooks underneath for easy hanging of clothes and bags.


Make organizing easy for the kids


Improve your drawers

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Store properly

A smart way of using all your space is to place shallow Utility shelves in combination with deeper wire shelves. Or wire shelves in different depths for different sized shoes. The mesh shoe shelf have room for more shoes and is suitable for both flats and heels. The gliding function gives a better overview and accessibility.



The tidy hallway

A hallway is also easier to keep clean with top hung sliding doors (without bottom track). Aim to get everything off the floor. Plastic liners on the wire shelves will prevent gravel and dirt from falling on the shoes below or on the floor.




Many people dream of a nice and welcoming hall. And whatever the size of the hall, you can always customize your storage to suit your needs. Start by taking the following into consideration...



Who will use the storage? Consider both family and friends. Does anyone need a separate surface? Does everybody need the space at the same time or can they alternate? Are there pets in the house and if so, do they require space in the hallway?



What activities goes on during the different seasons. And what clothes and gear comes with it? Is there anyone who needs to keep his bike in the hall? Or helmets, skateboards, gymwear, bags etc. Estimate how many shoes, jackets, bags, etc. you need need access to? Keys and mail might need a permanent place.



What clothes and activities do you need access to during the year? Estimate how many shoes, jackets, bags, gear etc. you need space for during the different seasons. Also, consider if you need some special products to handle seasonal changes.



Does everything need to be stored in the hallway closet, or are there other areas to use? Take a look around your hall. Are there spaces you haven't considered? Walls and doors can also be used for storage.



Do you really need all the things in your hall? Take the opportunity to go through and clear out forgotten and worn out clothes. Ask yourself what is most important to store here to make your everyday life easier.



Measure your space. Width, hight and depth.



Consider if you want sliding doors, now or in the future. That will have affect on where you place the interior. Read more about sliding doors



Go to our Planing tool or bring your measurements to your store.





The tiniest wall space is all you need. This solution is based on wallbands and can not be designed in our planner. But we made you a pick-list to bring to your store.


- 401210 Väggskena vit x2
- 410310 Konsol klick-in 30 cm vit x 2
- 601218 Konsolavslut 32 cm vänster, vit x 1
- 601318 Konsolavslut 32 cm höger, vit x 1
- 472410 Allkrok, vit 3-pack x 1
- 450210 Trådhylla 30, 60 cm vit x 1
- 605816 Dubbelhäängare 60 cm vit x 1
- 453110 Vändbar Hylla/ Bricka vit x 1
- 701010 Skohylla vit x 1

Note! You can plan a small solution, from 450 mm width, based on the wall hang system in the planner. You can easily add, change or remove products. You can use the valet rod instead of the closet rod for an even more narrow solution, ex. 30-depth.


Make room for the winter season in your hall

Autumn brings more than fluffy wool to your hallway closet. We give you some tips on how to keep your things in place and shape.

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