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Welcome spring with proper storage of your garden tools 

Grow your gardening interest instead of wasting time searching for secateurs, seedlings or pots. By giving your garden shed or storage a face lift, you can free up valuable space and make it easier to find and access your tools. Use the custom hooks to store, for example, water hoses and outdoor furniture in the winter.

Storing board

A storing board lets you combine small shelves, boxes and hooks for versatile storage. All our products can be combined and adapted for optimum storage.

Storing board


Round cord hook

Garage storage water hoes

Accessorie hook

Garage storage

Tool holder

Garage storage tool holder

Accessorie box

Garage storage accessorie box


Our wall hang system features a top track which is screwed onto the wall. Hang standards are hung from the top track, onto which storage functions can simply be clicked to suit your requirements. Follow these 3 easy steps pictured below
Top track

Step 1

Top track

Start with the top track. This is the only product that screws into the wall.

Hang standards

Step 2

Hang standard

Mont the top track with the 2 track upwards. Use the spirit level to get it straight. The top track can be cut into the desired lenght. Add a security margin before cutting and make sure that the 2 tracks are kept.


Step 3


Mont interior: brackets, hocks, drawers, boards and other smart products.