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Inspiration for hall storage

Storage in the hall is a problem for most people. We pass through the hall every day, several times a day. Jackets, shoes, bags, accessories - everything should have its place whilst still looking neat and tidy. We've gathered inspiration and functional tips to give you a hall that is practical and welcoming, and that can take not only your things, but your guests' coats as well.

Open storage in the hall, or hide with sliding doors?
Elfa has lots of sliding door models, colours and materials to choose from, and always made-to-measure, ensuring that you can use the entire area behind for smart storage. 

Smart solutions for a small hall
If you have a small or narrow hall and find that it's hard to find room for everything whilst keeping order? Elfa's range includes a number of products designed for storage in narrow halls. See our tips on how to make the best use of a surface.

Adjust height according to your child
Finding room for your children's coats in the hall can be a problem, especially in the winter. We have therefore gathered a number of tips and inspiration on how to tidy up a hall even when your children are always in and out.