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We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from our customers here. Scroll through the various categories to see if you can find an answer to your question. If not, our Customer Service is ready to help.

Maintenance instructions (1)

What's the best way to clean Elfa interior and sliding doors?

Mirror cleaning tips
Use window cleaner first if you have dirt or splashes on your mirror. If this does not help, use a razor blade
or "Svinto" steel wool. (NB: steel wool only, not Scotch Brite or similar). The glass will not be scratched by either
a razor blade or steel wool.

Cleaning tips for painted surfaces
Clean with a mild, household detergent. NEVER use scouring cream or powder, steel wool or
similar products containing abrasives or ammonia.

Cleaning tips for varnished wood surfaces
Veneer and solid wood surfaces are porous to a certain degree. Use water sparingly when cleaning. Use a
damp cloth and dry off with a well-wrung cloth. The same detergents used for painted surfaces are recommended. Never
use thinners to remove spots.

Cleaning tips for laminated and melamine surfaces
Clean with a mild, household detergent as recommended for painted and varnished surfaces.
Substances that can cause miscolouring or corrosion damage (iodine, hydrogen peroxide, ink, mineral acids etc.), should
be avoided.

Cleaning tips for drawers and interior fittings
After cleaning with a suitable synthetic cleaning product, wipe off with a damp cloth to avoid static electricity.
Crystal oil, acetone and similar substances should not be used, as they can damage plastic parts.

Cleaning tips for oiled surfaces
Oiled surfaces must not be maintained with oil. Clean with a damp cloth (with a little detergent added if necessary),
dry well.

Cleaning tips for profiles and tracks
Wipe profiles and the front with a damp cloth when necessary. Vacuum floor track regularly for
optimum performance.

Compatibility (2)

Can competitive products be used with Elfa products?
Some products from our competitors may be compatible, but we cannot guarantee the function of the storage solutions if they contain components from other manufacturers.
Do Elfa Classic products I bought ten years ago go with those you sell now?
Most products go together with the current range, but there can be some exceptions, e.g. the wheel for the drawer frame.

Drawers (4)

Will the drawer fail to slide smoothly on the track after a few years?
No. We test our wire drawers at our own test centre to be able to guarantee flawless use for at least 10 years. The test simulates 10 years of use for all parts, especially the slide function.
Can I put several drawer frames on each other?
Certainly! There are several possible combinations. When you combine two frames with ten tracks, we recommend checking that they are firmly mounted, and avoid putting too much in the upper drawers.
Can a drawer be installed on top of a shelf?
For safety reasons, we recommend that you do not.
How many drawer pull out stops do I need for each drawer in a drawer frame?
Two, for safety's sake. One on each side.

Wall hang and wallbands (6)

How do I determine the right distance between the wallbands?
We recommend max. 90 cm. See assembly instructions for more information.
What are the advantages of wall hang over wallbands?
Primarily greater flexibility and simpler installation. See the product pages for more information.
When should I use expander screws?
For installation on plasterboard walls or other types of boards, and when installing on hollow walls.
Should the Elfa system be secured on stud walls?
Not necessarily, but it does mean that the shelve system can bear more weight. Remember to use the right screws and plugs for the type of wall.
Can an Elfa system be installed in a corner?
If you do, we recommend using either closet rod or wire shelves in the actual corner of the storage solution, to ensure the best and most practical usage.
What is the recommended max. weight for the Door and Wall rack system?
The maximum load for a hook on a Door and Wall rack is 4 kg spread. We recommend no more than 6 baskets per door.

Ordering and delivery (5)

How long is delivery time for sliding doors?
Delivery times for a framed door are approx. 2-4 weeks, and for frameless sliding doors (Linear and Scenic), approx. 4-6 weeks. Delivery times can vary, depending on season. Contact your dealer for more information. 
Can I order sliding doors direct from you?
Elfa interior and sliding doors are only sold via dealers. See page with dealers to find the one closest to you.
Can I order my sliding doors online via Elfa's website?
No. Elfa products are only sold via dealers. But you can quickly set up a shopping list using our planning tool and take it with you to a dealer.
How long is delivery time for Elfa's interior products?
Classic can be ordered direct from many of our dealers, but delivery time for home delivery is up to 10 days. It mainly depends on the route list used by our carrier (DSV).  Please note that the Décor range is often an order item. Contact your local dealer for more information.
Things to remember when ordering delivery of sliding doors
We are delighted that you have chosen sliding doors from us at Elfa Lumi AB.
Your sliding doors will be delivered by DSV, the hauliers, who will contact you by phone prior to delivery to inform you of the date. Deliveries are always made during daytime. It is important that you are home to receive delivery and can help if the driver asks for it. It's important to us that you are satisfied with your delivery. We therefore ask you to help check for any transport damage, and to be extra aware of the following when the doors are delivered.

Do not sign the delivery note/proof of delivery without checking the following:

  • Check carefully that you have received all the items listed on the delivery note.

  • Check that the packaging is undamaged. If you find that the packaging or anything else is damaged, make a note on the delivery note when signing for the goods (there is a special line for this purpose where you write your name).

  • If possible, open the packaging and check that the sliding doors are undamaged while the driver is present. It is particularly important that you check glass and mirror doors and the tracks in the tube if over 2 metres long.

  • We recommend taking photos of any damage you find.

Examine the goods immediately! Transport damage must be reported within 24 hours by email, or text to 070-508 63 66. If you find any further damage after the driver has left (i.e. hidden damage), please save the packaging (even if it's damaged). You should then report the damage to our Customer Service without delay.

If returning damaged goods, you will be given a return number and delivery note from us. Photographic evidence that can be required for transport damage should be sent by email to NB: In the event of a problem after you have agreed a delivery date with DSV, notify them immediately on 0495-27582. Failure to do so will incur an extra delivery charge.

If you have any questions or are in doubt about anything, please contact Customer Service by phone or email We hope you will be delighted with your new sliding doors, and want to congratulate you!

Other details (2)

What type of finish does Elfa use?
We use epoxy powder on our steel products.
What are Elfa's interior products made of?
Most of Elfa's interior products are made of steel with epoxy coating. We also have products made of wood and plastic.

Products and services (5)

How can I order an inspiration brochure?
You can download our inspiration brochure or contact Customer Services if you want a printed brochure. Naturally, you can also collect our catalogues from your nearest dealer.
Can I plan a complete storage solution via your website?
Of course you can! You can use our planning tool for a simple overview of all the options possible using Elfa's concept, and how to adapt our products to your measurements and needs. You can also print out a shopping list to make it easy to pick all the products from an Elfa dealer.
Do you offer an installation service?
Some of our dealers do so. Go to stores to find contact details for our dealers.
Are there any displays I can visit?
Many of our dealers have displays. Go to stores to find contact details for our dealers.
How do I install Elfa products?
Elfa is a DIY concept, and most of our products only need to be clicked or pressed into place. Our system has been specifically designed to be simple to install and fit. We have compiled a collection of films to show how to install many of our product. If you need more help, you can always contact your local dealer or our Customer Service. We also recommend reading the assembly instructions.

Adapting size (6)

Can Elfa's wire shelves be adapted?
Some of our dealers cut and adapt shelves. You can also cut wire shelves and wire shelf baskets (and closet rods) using a metal saw, but avoid leaving the ends rough. We recommend smoothing off the ends with sandpaper.
Can melamine shelves be cut?
Yes, but the edge profiles will disappear and be rough.
Can all Elfa products be made-to-measure?
The following products can be cut and adapted:
  • Closet rods
  • Wire shelves
  • Wire shelf baskets
  • Top tracks
  • Hang standards
  • Wallbands
How much can I adjust the height of sliding doors?
You can adjust up to 10 - 15 mm, depending on door model. But remember that they can never be lower than the lowest opening height you stated when ordering.
Can sliding doors be made-to-measure?
Yes, all our sliding doors are made according to the measurement you give when ordering.
Is the guarantee affected if I cut the shelves myself?

Loads and weights (5)

Isn't it dangerous to put things on the shelves when they are only attached to the top track? Should I secure the tracks with screws?
No, you do not need to secure the tracks with screws. Stability actually increases in line with weight. There are no screw holes in the hang standards.
How much weight can a drawer take?
The recommended weight is around 8 kilos. It must be possible to slide the drawer in and out without problem.
How much weight can the traditional brackets take?
Recommended max. load is 55 kilos.
How much weight can a hang standard take?
That depends on the type of wall the top track is attached to. Remember to use a spirit level, screws and plugs. You can also ask your dealer for advice.
What is the load capacity of the slide tracks in Elfa's range of drawer frames?
Recommended max. load is 10 kg.