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Elfa provides a number of great options to make your sliding door solution even better.

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Side panel


There are a variety of melamine side panels to match your sliding door fillings. Panels can be cut to desired height or width and assembles with Mounting angle or Wall profile. The edge strip placed along one side is slightly soft rounded.

Addition for made to measure sidepanel


We can cut your side panel to specified depth and height. Choose depth between: 100-675 mm (all side panels) 676-725 (only white 40002) Choose height between: 100-2608 mm (all side panels) 2609-3000 mm (only white 40002)

NCS lacquered made to measure side panel


Choose a to have a side panel in optional standard NCS colour. MDF-Panel will be painted on both sides and both long edge sides and cut to your specified measurements. Width: 19 mm Choose depth between: 100-725 mm Choose height between: 100-2800 mm

Wall profile


Wall profile in white lacquered aluminum. Use for mounting and fitting of the 19 mm Side panel to the wall.

Mounting angle


To assemble the Side panel. Comes in 4-pack. We recommend using seven angles per Side panel. Five angles assembled evenly spaced to the wall. The Side panel is fixed to ceiling and floor with one angle behind the top track and one behind the bottom track.

Stop bar


Stop bar in foiled MDF for Double and Triple track solutions. The colour matches the sliding door filling with the same name. If you want to keep your skirting board when installing sliding doors – place Stop bar above it, or place at the end of the bottom track. Remember to take the depth of the Stop bar into account when measuring your space before ordering sliding doors.

Opening height reducer


Used to mount Top track to an uneven ceiling or to reduce the opening height. Place 100 mm from each end with 500 mm intervals. Not compatible with Soft-closing. Reduce the ceiling height between 90-500 mm.

Slope cut fitting


Mounts the top track to a sloping ceiling. Place 100 mm from each end, with 500 mm intervals. Not available with Soft-closing. For 17-55°.