How to create a stylish and functional closet

Is your wardrobe full of clothes you never use? If you want to contribute to a more sustainable living, the closet can be a good place to start. By using garments many times, sell or repair them, you prolong their life. And by storing them accessible and with good overview, the risk of you saying “I have nothing to wear” decreases dramatically. And hopefully impulse shopping as well. Here are some tips to help you plan a wardrobe that can help you introduce more sustainable habits.

  1. THINK “FLEXIBLE” when buying storage. Choose a solution which is easy to rearrange and add on to, when you needs changes.
  2. QUALITY AND TIMELESSNESS is to prefer to cheap buying of poor quality items. This goes both for the closet itself as well as for the clothes in it. 
  3. PLAN FOR SUSTAINABLE HABITS by sorting out clothes at the shift of seasons. Choose interior which allows for good overview of your clothes. That way you can easily see what clothes you’ve used and not. For items you don’t use, give away, sell or swap with a friend.
  4. EXTEND THE LIFE OR YOUR GARMENTS by storing them properly. Airy shelves and special functions for i.e pants and shoes keep your clothes separated and fresh.

Tips for sustainable wardrobe habits

Here are some valuable tips to have in mind when planning a practical closet, to maximise the use of space, create overview and an airy closet solution.

A wardrobe with good overview and garments sorted by colour or type make finding an outfit easier. And reduces the urge for impulse shopping.

Ever considered renting clothes? Buy timeless and basic garments and add rented pieces to spice up your outfit and save both money and closet space.

Organising my closet, where do I start?

Getting started is half the job they say. That is also true when it comes to planning your clothing storage. We think arranging an organised closet can be a lot of fun. But before you start the planning for how many shelves, drawers, shoe shelves etc you need, there are a few step-by-step tips we would like to share.

1. Take a before picture 
Take a before picture which is good to have when planning with a retailer but also for comparing the before and after results.

2. Write down the dimensions 
Write down the dimensions of the room, preferably along with a sketch. Don't forget to include doors, windows, radiators. 
How to measure

3. Sort out unused clothes
Can you sell, swop or give away to friends?
4. Catalogue your clothes
Catalogue your clothes by making an inventory and write down how many blouses, shirts, trousers or skirts and dresses, shoes etc you have. This will make the planning of your storage easier.

5. Now you are ready to plan! 
Choose from our range of ready-made solutions, plan in our online planning tool or book an appointment with your nearest Elfa retailer, who will help you design your storage solution.